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5 Recent Defensive Gun Uses From Across USA

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They've been trying really hard as of late to try and prove that guns are not important. Lately, they've even been saying that defensive gun uses don't happen. In fact, I've read that very statement a few times this past week.

I'm here to tell you each and every week that they are real, defensive gun uses do happen, and they are an important aspect of our argument. We have the right to keep and bear arms for our own defense. Simple. Period.

Deal. With. It.

It's my goal every so often to highlight a few of these DGU stories to help show that they do, in fact, happen. A lot, in fact. To be honest, more often than not defensive gun use stories are not even reported on because there's no need.

It's a sad misconception that a shot needs to be fired in order for it to count as a defensive situation. In all reality, most criminals don't want to get shot, and end up retreating once they learn that a citizen has a firearm and is willing to use it to save his or her own life.

That's not always the case, though, as we'll see in a few moments.

Let's look at a handful of these stories that took place last week, alone.

A Texas Carjacking — 

That almost sounds like the title of a movie, A Texas Carjacking is brought to you by a dum-dum who tried to steal a car with an armed concealed carrier inside it. Here is an excerpt from the story, which you can find complete, here:

The would-be carjacker appeared to have a gun and ordered the man to get out of the car. The victim did so, but on his way out he drew his own gun and turned, firing his pistol into the abdomen of the suspect.

The suspect was transported to the hospital where he is expected to survive his gunshot wound and Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies plan on charging him with the crime.

Road Rage Attack in WA —

Road rage is a very real concern with all the buffoons on the road these days who clearly cannot drive as well as I can. I've seen it first hand, and this story is an odd one that's an excellent example of the fact that simply displaying the firearm isn't always enough to persuade someone away from attacking you.

Here's an excerpt from the story, and you can read the rest here:

Toyota became increasingly angry and leaned his body out the window in order to yell profanities and spit at the other car. Then, once both cars had stopped at the intersection, Toyota got out of the car and began walking over to continue the confrontation.

Subaru said that when he saw Toyota walking his way, he drew the 9mm Beretta he is licensed to carry concealed, and loaded it where Toyota could see.

Perils of drawing under the gun —

This next one serves as a reminder that it is rarely a good idea to draw your weapon when you've got a gun already pointed at you. This Lyft driver is in critical condition, last we heard. Hopefully he makes a full recovery. Here is an excerpt from the story, and you can read the full story, here:

According to Fresno Police Department (FPD), an unidentified Lyft driver had pulled over to check his phone at around 3 a.m. when he was approached by two men who demanded his valuables.

Detectives said they were told by the victim that he feigned compliance to the demands, but when he reached behind him, he brought out a gun instead of his wallet and fired at his attackers.

The suspects returned fire, striking the driver in the side, and fled the scene.

Three on One Ends With Three Burglars Dead —

People always tell me I'm nuts when they find out I carry in and around my home. This is the reason why … you just never know. That's what happened here, in Georgia, in this story. The man was standing outside his home when he was approached by three teens trying to rob him. Here is an excerpt from the story, and you can read the full story, here:

All three teens were struck by the gunfire but none of the victims where injured in the exchange.

“When deputies arrived, they did discover masks on the young men. Again, that rose our suspicion,” Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said. “So now we are out in the communities, speaking with witnesses, speaking of course with the homeowner involved. And of course, trying to identify the young men and notify their families.”

Medics declared one of the boys dead at the scene and transported the other 2 wounded boys to the hospital where they died.

South Carolina Man on Rampage Gets Pistol Whipped —

I really don't even know what to make of this story. So, the bad guy went on a rampage ramming cars (which does nothing but prove that anything can be used as a weapon), trapping a person's foot under one of the cars.

At some point, a good guy with a gun goes up to the bad guy and pistol whips him in the head, causing a round to be fired. Here is an excerpt from this story, and read the rest, here:

Witnesses told WSOCTV a man got into his black truck and used the vehicle to repeatedly ram into three or four other parked cars nearby. A bystander was caught in the mayhem when his foot became trapped under one of the cars the suspect was ramming.

One of the drivers of the destruction jumped out of his car and drew the gun he is licensed to carry concealed. He then struck the suspect in the head with his pistol, causing it to fire.

Conclusion —

What have we learned? Bad stuff can, will, and does happen just about anywhere. Anywhere can include in and around your home, in your car, or walking around a parking lot minding your own business as a dude hellbent on a ramming rampage hurts others around you.

The only way to stop these things from taking place or going out of control is to take matters into our own hands by carrying a firearm on our person, while remembering that it is hard to defend ourselves. It's not an easy task to complete.

Some of these stories had mistakes made in them. One man drew while drawn upon. Another man had a negligent discharge as he used his firearm as a club. Still, we don't know their circumstances and those may have been the only options.

Only a couple things remain certain:

  1. These things happen, hundreds of times each day. These are just five stories from the past week, written by one person on our team.
  2. Had these people not had the right to self-defense with a firearm, things may have turned out very drastically. Why? Because bad guys will always use firearms, cars, or whatever they have as weapons. It's therefore our right to be able to defend ourselves with our own weapons, equalizing force as much as possible.

Next, I strongly suggest you check out our self-defense insurance chart, to make sure you're covered in the event you need to defend yourself from an attack.

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  1. Richard September 24, 2019 at 4:58 pm #


  2. Ronald Harris September 25, 2019 at 11:32 pm #

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, guns are just one of the tools they use to kill. In the Bible they stoned people to death, some used poison, knives, spears, bows with arrows and some used sling shots. And they still use most of these at times. plus cars, trucks, airplanes and pf course guns and a whole host of others things not mentioned. There are many ways to kill someone, guns just happen to be one of the tools they use.
    If you want to stop people from killing each other you have to get into the mind and hearts of the ones doing the killing. You might start by getting everyone in church and put the Ten Commandments back into every school, college/university work place and government building in this country and doing away with a whole lot of trash on TV and all of those violent video game they let little children play.

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