Survey Results: Gun Owner Legal Preparedness Poll

In July 2016 conducted a poll among it's email subscribers and social followers. The purpose of this poll was to discover how many gun owners have gone to the effort to find a gun attorney and to better understand what common concerns gun owners have about gun laws.

The survey asked just 2 simple questions:


Please note that we didn't ask respondents if they have hired an attorney or have one on retainer… simply if they have selected someone who they would contact in a firearm related legal incident.

The response:


From over 7000 respondents, about 78% admit to not having an attorney in mind should they be confronted with a firearm related legal incident.

When this survey was conducted we sent out a follow up video emphasizing the importance of getting this one thing done. If you have made the decision to consider a firearm in active self-defense in your home, or outside your home, you should be prepared for a legal confrontation that is likely to follow after the violent confrontation.

RESOURCE: Concealed Carry Podcast Episode 26: 7 Stupid Reasons Gun Owners Don't Have Gun Lawyers

If you are also among the 78% of gun owners who haven't gone to the effort yet of identifying your future gun lawyer let me provide you with a resource that will help. We published a concise and awesome article about how to find and contact an attorney near you that is both trustworthy and capable to defend you from various firearm-related criminal charges.

RESOURCE: How to Find A Gun Lawyer For You In Under Two Hours

The second question we asked in the survey was: “What is your greatest LEGAL fear or worry regarding guns and gun law?” This was a free input field so we captured thousands of unique responses and I've read through all of them. Here are the top 3 most common concerns:

  1. Laws Changing: The survey takers expressed in a variety of different ways the concern that elected officials both at the local and national level may take about or infringe on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  2. Difference of Law from State to State: There are a lot of concerns about the difficulty of keeping track of differing laws from state to state in this country. It is true that laws vary significantly from place to place and that trying to remember all the changes is difficult at best. Consider this awesome gun law book, and use this section of our website (State Gun Laws) to reference gun laws.
  3. The System Working Against Me: In short, the fear here is that despite knowing the laws and believing one's actions are justified, a court system and legal system can still prosecute and turn one's life upside down and twist facts against the gun owner. I don't think this fear is unfounded. Far important than what the law says is h0w the law works. I best advice here is that one complete our American Gun Law course and obtain an attorney to maximize your changes of both avoiding the issue and being prepared to face a court room if necessary.

The Main Takeaway From This Gun Owner Survey?

American CCWers are not prepared for the legal battle. The greatest way to negate or remove the fears listed by those who took this survey is to have a gun lawyer and to take our American Gun Law Course so you can follow our step by step plan to prepare the right paperwork and documentation in addition to having the right knowledge about the law and how it works.

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