Survey Numbers Not Good for Gun Control Zealots

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The following survey results may be disturbing to some audiences; reader discretion is advised. The numbers from a December 2021 Trafalgar Group survey seem to say that on one question dealing with gun control laws, an overwhelming majority of voters of all political ideologies think they aren’t helping. Clear and Transparent — Often, people present…

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Episode 237: Child Finds Gun in Sofa at IKEA

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest in industry news, legislative updates, and this week’s top JUSTIFIED SAVE stories from around America. Plus you won’t want to miss this week’s Case of the Week from attorney Andrew Branca of Law of Self-Defense where we learn what happens when you take things too far in a self-defense case.

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Survey Results: Gun Owner Legal Preparedness Poll

In July 2016 USA Firearm Training conducted a poll among it’s e rs and social followers. The purpose of this poll was to discover how many gun owners have gone to the effort to find a gun attorney and to better understand what common concerns gun owners have about gun laws.

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Four Questions About Your EDC

As a company we are always trying to better understand our students, followers, and rs. It helps us prepare the best content, training, and products to best serve today’s gun owners.

Along those s we have just published a four question survey about how you carry your every day carry firearm.

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[Infographic] How Prepped Are You For When SHTF

About two weeks ago we invited all of our readers to take a short survey about their own level of preparedness. We all know what we should be doing to be prepared for an emergency but its interesting to have a sense for how well one is doing relative to others in our community. The below infographic illustrates the responses from the survey.

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