Travelers Guide To The Firearm Laws Of The Fifty States

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The book is currently in its 21st edition with over 1,000,000 copies sold since the first edition was published in 1996. Attorney J. Scott Kappas uses case law and statutory authority to render plain English advice as to how a traveler should carry firearms while visiting the many states of our great nation.

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As A Gun Owner You Are At Risk

Every Time You Cross State Lines


In America Gun Owners Risk Potential Jail Time and Fines When

They Travel with Their Guns Without Being Aware of Each State's Laws

Here are two recent examples of people who are even now doing battle in the courtroom to stay out of jail and prevent being convicted of felonies that would jeopardize their ability to ever OWN a gun again.

nra-newsIn July Brian Fletcher was arrested in New Jersey for doing something he was taught to do back in his home state of North Carolina. “As co-owner of a company that repairs cell towers, Brian Fletcher and his crews were responding to an emergency call that sent them to New Jersey where half a million people were without power due to a storm. But in an instant, Brian went from helping people to getting a crash course in “Jersey justice.”

fox-news-logo“Elizabeth Elderli never leaves her Houston home unarmed. So, when the former U.S. Marine visited Manhattan's September 11 Memorial, two guns were in her backpack when she saw a “no firearms” sign at the security checkpoint. Elderli told a police officer about the loaded 9-mm. and .380-caliber semi-automatic guns — both covered by her Texas-issued concealed weapons permit, which she believed was valid in New York. But she quickly learned that the Empire State's gun control laws bear no resemblance to those in effect back home. Elderli was arrested in the Saturday incident, charged with felony possession of a weapon and left facing 3 ½ to 15 years in prison.”

And it isn't just the few Anti-Gun States like New Jersey and New York that are Getting Gun Owners in Trouble. Gun Owners even find themselves against the law in states like Wyoming & Texas when they mistakenly enter “off limits” areas


Introducing the “Travelers Guide”

gun laws by stateAttorney J. Scott Kappas uses case law and statutory authority to render plain English advice as to how a traveler should carry firearms while visiting the many states of our great nation.

The book is currently in its 21st edition with over 1,000,000 copies sold since the first edition was published in 1996. Owners of recreational vehicles make up one of the book’s largest readerships. But any gun owner who travels with a firearm will find the Traveler’s Guide’s insight extremely helpful. Aside from being favorably reviewed by a host of magazine editors, the book is sold at the NRA’s famous national firearms museum and used by the National Football League and National Basketball Association as reference material for their security directors and players.

The book features an easy to follow SINGLE PAGE “cheat sheet” for each of the 50 states. Click here for a sample page of the book.

This is NOT an eBook – This is Physical Bound Book


Contains Answers to These Questions:

  • Which states allow me to carry a “loaded” firearm in the passenger compartment of my vehicle?
  • Which states allow me to carry a concealed firearm with or without a license to carry?
  • Which states honor my permit to carry a concealed firearm?
  • Which states allow carry in restaurants serving alcohol?
  • Which states’ laws allow open carry of a firearm while on foot?
  • Which states prohibit the mere possession of a handgun while in a vehicle?
  • In which states is it better to carry a rifle or shotgun for personal protection?
  • Which states prevent localities from regulating firearms carry?
  • Which states require permittees to declare their status to Law Enforcement?
  • How can I legally possess firearms in National Parks and Forests?
  • Which states allow me to carry a firearm in their state parks?
  • How can I transport firearms on commercial airline, cruise ships & trains?
  • How can I transport firearms through a state that prohibits any gun possession?
  • How do I carry a firearm if I am an active duty or retired law enforcement officer?
  • How do I carry a handgun on a motorcycle?
  • Which states guarantee my right to self-defense in their statutes?
  • Which states allow vehicle carry on university and college campuses?


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117 reviews for Travelers Guide To The Firearm Laws Of The Fifty States

  1. Ric Elliot (verified owner)

    I have looked over the Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States and found it to be quite informative. It pretty much covers the ins and outs of traveling with a gun about the country. First and foremost it is a good tool to help keep you out of trouble with interstate firearm transport. It is certainly worth the few dollars it costs. Two thumbs up.

  2. Gregory B. Curwen

    Excellent comprehensive treatment of a complex, rapidly changing state-specific pattern of conflicting regulations that challenge gun owners as they travel interstate.

    Gregory B. Curwen

    Attorney at Law

  3. john (verified owner)

    john california february 24, 2016

    i have the current 2016 book as well as the 2012 book , because politics change in states when new parties, govenors get elected and it is a

    good idea to keep up which states are trying to take away your freedoms , the firearm guide gives you a good idea of which state will be the

    best and the worst to live in. for instance a beautiful place to visit is Hawaii but check out their politics its very very bad. we already know that

    California sucks and is anti firearm ownership, but is it really other than a lot of rules and hypocrisy with the the dros fees alone bring in a ton of money and the fees the mfg pays per gun to allow them to be sold in calif is tremendous

    so every few years purchase an updated guide and keep informed of where to live and where to travel with firearms

  4. Doc Z

    Received 3 days after ordering. Book definitely lives up to your ad. Impressed with the “freedom scale”. I went thru and hi-lited the features of each state that we normally travel through that pertain to us. i have shown and recommended the Guide to several shooting friends and will be sharing it with more.

  5. George Bickmore (verified owner)

    I buy this book at minimum every 2 years. Things change so fast and these guys keep up on it. I travel often enough, and I keep he book with me so that should anything come up I have proof to show that I made an effort to travel wisely. This book is well worth the money.

  6. Dan Weber (verified owner)

    I have a CCW permit for Ohio. Once a year we travel to Florida, stay for 4 months and then travel back to Ohio. Since I always take a handgun with me, it was important to know the CC laws of the states I travel through and also how to legally carry in those states. This book will be a big help to me to keep me within the law.

  7. Roger Fraumann (verified owner)

    Simply a “must have” for any gun owner that ever plans to leave their house with their gun. A great gift idea as well.

  8. Vic Eizenga (verified owner)

    This book is a must have if you travel at all. It kept me out of trouble when I drove from Texas to the never carry state of California. The only state I know they have less CC permits then retired cops.

    It give you more information then some of the state web sites on the issue.

  9. Jose Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Very informative, well organized, and much better than what I expected. Worth every dollor. As essential as a map when when taking a road trip.

  10. Ronald Merritt Sr (verified owner)

    I get one every two years, and love it, I can carry concealed in all but 7 states. Take mine to Florida or Texas to visit my brothers and go to ranges with them . I love the book and plan on getting it every year just to keep up with the laws as I see them change yearly. Keep up the book and thank you for your dedication in our rights.

  11. Bill (verified owner)

    Excellent, let’s you know what the cc permit, from your state of issue, allows you to do in each state. Just be sure you look at each state before you enter it.

  12. Stephen (verified owner)

    The book is very helpful. It shows what each state requires and if the CCW is valid. This has some very good information in it. I am happy it is revised each year. Very good work.

  13. Philip Ruggieri (verified owner)

    A very comprehensive guideline but unless it is committed to memory the book would have to travel with you. Simply put it is somewhat overwhelming but a must if you plan to carry while travelling.All states should follow the same rules. Maybe someday, hopefully soon.

  14. Bruce Hartley (verified owner)

    A very good, complete, concise reference book for gun laws across the states!!!

  15. michael esch (verified owner)

    good informative reference book

  16. Oren L (verified owner)

    Easily carried when traveling. Information contained in an easy to use format. A must for persons licensed to carry concealed.

  17. Jim

    I found the book very informative and well written. I would recommend it to everyone.

  18. Jerry Clark (verified owner)

    Very informative and can keep you from having problems as you travel or if you are interested in getting a permit to carry or own a gun.

  19. Russ (verified owner)

    I live in New York State one of the most restrictive States in the Union for firearm ownership. I have to resort to getting non resident concealed carry permits from neighboring states in order to legally carry outside of NY. The Traveler’s Guide is a great help in finding out what states will honor the permits I have.

  20. Ken (verified owner)

    This is the second year I’ve purchased this book and I find it very informative. This summer my family will be travelling from Texas up to Connecticut and I plan to have it with me to review each state prior to entering. Items such as “Duty to notify a Law Enforcement Officer of permit status,” your right to self-defense (stand your ground or duty to retreat), and vehicle carry by non-permittees are going to be VERY important and could keep me out of trouble in case an event occurs. I am very lucky because the most states accept my TX permit but, especially in the Northeast where the gun laws are much more strict, this is going to be an important tool to have.

  21. Jon Pickett (verified owner)

    I give this book 5 stars for the information it contains. Concise, and to the point without all the lawyer speak. This is my 2nd year of having this info and it is worth the money. We travel cross country and knowing what I can and cannot do is priceless info. If you travel at all get your copy today. You will not be sorry.

  22. Doug (verified owner)

    The 2017 Traveler’s Guide is an interesting and necessary book to have if you cross state lines frequently, while armed. You must read the first 10 pages in order to understand the rest of the guide which is basically a state by state analysis of the laws mentioned up front. Sure, you can just look at your state but the gem of this is consolidating and comparing all of them in certain factors affecting concealed carriers. If you don’t travel much, you’ll have little need for this guide.

  23. Vivian Blake (verified owner)

    Loved this book. Very informative if you travel with a weapon. I bought it for all my family members who are packers. Two thumbs up!

  24. Jerry L. (verified owner)

    I purchased the travelers guide before a recent spring break trip. It is well written and concise. I was only concerned about the few states I was traveling through, but wound up reading the whole book. I have no intention of ever traveling in states that don’t support my second amendment rights. I’ll spend my money else where. It’s definately worth the money!

  25. Chas Thomas (verified owner)

    This book contains a wealth of information about how to legally carry in every state. Definitely would recommend it to anyone who travels!

  26. David Hines (verified owner)

    This is my third revision of this publication. I find it indispensable when traveling cross country by Auto.

  27. Gil Berkins (verified owner)

    The book was delivered very quickly. I have found it to be very informative and well written. Definitely worth the small amount of money it costs.

  28. Dick Borowski (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase, and I find it very informative. Well worth the price. I think a compilation at the back for reciprocity would help for a quick reference.

  29. Russ Millholland (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing this excellent book. Most important is the Traveler’s Checklist for each state. Very well done.

  30. Thomas Kittredge (verified owner)

    I wanted to carry my handgun, while traveling, from Michigan to Texas, so I purchased the Travelers guide a few weeks before I left on our journey. I reviewed it’s contents for the states I would be traveling through, after which I felt totally confident and comfortable carrying my weapon through the various states. The guide was well worth the money I paid for the book. Great book and awesome work.

  31. Thomas Kittredge (verified owner)

    I wanted to correct my post and meant to click on five stars. My apologies!

  32. Steve (verified owner)

    Found this book to be very informative and easy to read. Definitely recommend it for any CCW member who travels.

  33. Phillip (verified owner)

    I travel the country in a motorhome…….I’ve used this reference for many years…….great reference……

  34. Edward Knobeloch (verified owner)

    Recently received my copy of this excellent publication and have only briefly perused it. I find it to be an excellent source of information, and will use it to determine what states to avoid, as well as when I may run afoul of our friendly law enforcement folks.

  35. Tony Fanelli (verified owner)

    Excellent book. This is a must have book especially when traveling state to state. I travel a lot in an RV and this book covers things I did not know. The information in this book is invaluable. I would recommend it for everyone. I would also recommend the concealed carry holster. Best holster I have veered owned.

  36. Tony Fanelli (verified owner)

    Excellent book. This is a must have book especially when traveling state to state. I travel a lot in an RV and this book covers things I did not know. The information in this book is invaluable. I would recommend it for everyone. I would also recommend the concealed carry holster. Best holster I have
    Ever owned.

  37. krdcd (verified owner)

    Second best thing I have bought , my gun the first. This book covers it all. Thank you.

  38. Lowell thompson (verified owner)

    I found the book to be very informative and gave me the information I needed. I would recommend it to anyone who travels and carries.

  39. Lowell thompson (verified owner)

    I mistakenly hit the wrong rating

  40. Warren (verified owner)

    I have always relied on Government websites for interstate carry rules when I travel. When I read the ad for this book I thought, now that’s a great idea! Tells you everything you need to know when crossing state lines with a handgun. Two thumbs up, great job! Would highly recommend it!

  41. Dennis (verified owner)

    I travel in a motor home I found the information very useful when traveling from one state to another

  42. d.hilberg (verified owner)

    I highly recommend! Great informational publication. Plan on showing it to my CC friends!

  43. Steve Griswold (verified owner)

    This is a great resource to consult before I travel. My thanks to the author for taking the time to assemble it. It is a must have for anyone who has a Concealed Permit and travels or any gun owner that needs to transport their weapons.

  44. kenneth dugan (verified owner)

    This book is what I was looking for, I found alot of Info that I didn’t know. thanks alot for printing it.

  45. Steve Fischer (verified owner)

    Excellent guide, especially useful here in New England. I live in Massachusetts near Boston, and within an hour or two, I can drive to any one (or more) of five other states.

  46. Marc Waszkiewicz (verified owner)

    We live in a quickly changing world and if you travel and carry for self defense this book is required. It is required reading if you want to stay out of jail and be fully confident that you are maintaining your 2nd Amendment rights in a lawful manner. Of course there’s no substitute for checking with local and area laws if you are staying in a certain locale for any period of time, but for the traveler enroute to destinations unknown or known this guide is worth its weight in gold. I carry mine in my motor home and always refer to it prior to leaving on a road trip. And most of all, you need to keep up to date. I get the newer version ever couple of years or so. The laws tend to change over time and you don’t want to think you are correct and run up against some over zealous young cop out to make a point of your error. It could be disastrous for you.

  47. d4jays (verified owner)

    Jacob McClinton, Jr., June 26, 2017: I received my Traveler’s Guide on June 22nd, and found it to be a very informative book. It will definitely help me as I travel the USA. I highly recommend it to everyone who carries a gun. and travels out of state.

  48. Nelson Rolon (verified owner)

    I found the book very informative and helpful. As a gun carrying citizen there was a lot of information I was totally unaware. With this book I can be more prepared to address any situation that may arise. Thanks for putting this book together and making it available to the general public

  49. John D Jackso (verified owner)

    This is an exceptionally compact yet comprehensive guide for anyone considering carrying firearms anywhere in the country. It is easily read and understood. Well worth the money. I highly recommend it.

  50. Harold OConnell

    Got two – sent one back – very valuable information-hope to be beneficial..

  51. Ingrid Beam (verified owner)

    My partner and I like to travel. We recently made a trip from Ala to Minnesota with a loaded weapon. We were shocked to find out how many states we were illegal. And what a shame it is that your carry permit is not recognized in other carry states. This must be changed. Thank you for your informative book. A need for all gun owners.

  52. John Reif (verified owner)

    Yes, I got a book in mail. I think it is excellent book that I can look up this book than look up at Google.

  53. Jim Klynman (verified owner)

    Very informative and will insure safe travel throughout our travels.

  54. Laura Russell (verified owner)

    Yes, I have received it. I really like how its setup , to look at it quickly. Gives the important information you need before you get into that state!

  55. garry chaney (verified owner)

    Very Satisfied This Explaines
    Laws That I Wasn’t Aware Of Would Recommend To Anyone Who Ownes A Fire Arm

  56. Alan Thistleton (verified owner)

    Received book…Thank You !!
    Packed with vital information every gun owner needs to know.
    Highly suggest buying it to everyone !!

  57. Shari (verified owner)

    A very informative and necessary book if traveling and carrying. The price is good, received in record time & had a welcome answer to a question that I had. I had not updated since 2012. I ordered 2 so that my husband and I can each have our own available.

  58. Gary L (verified owner)

    Very informative! Helped in planning my summer road trip!

  59. bader,dennis (verified owner)

    Very informative. Great for someone who does a lot of road trips. I don’t do many and unfortunately I live in New York State so my permit wouldn’t be honored anyway. I got the book mainly to check out other states laws. I usually got at a gun shop but this deal allowed me to get two for the price of one and pass one on. thanks

  60. Doc

    Received my book and put it to use right away. Verified gun laws for my son’s trip to Florida & my trip to Utah.
    I can now feel safe and can cut over two hours off my trip to Utah.
    Thank u

  61. Terry G (verified owner)

    If you are a traveler, you need this book. Don’t be caught off guard. This book is straight forward and very informative. One of the easiest formats that are easy to read, plus I like the larger print. If you’re gonna travel this is a must have!!

  62. Chris C (verified owner)

    I have purchased the first edition back in the 90’s and now the 2018 edition. The guide is just as great and helpful for interstate travel or for anyone wanting a quick reference to any of the 50 states. What is great about the Travel Guide is it is short and highlights all the important laws that you need to know about how you can or can’t carry. Keep up the great work. Thank You. AAAAA+++++++

  63. Paul Fields Sr (verified owner)

    Great book. Planning on going from Arizona to Oregon, and needed to know what states honor my CCW. Thanks again.

  64. Connie

    Would highly recommend this book for anyone traveling through various States. The CCW laws are not the same in all States and change periodically. It’s better to know the laws requiring concealed carry than to get stopped and be in the wrong! This is the book you need!!

  65. Daniel L Whan (verified owner)

    A lot of information for a reasonable price for the carrying and transporting firearms!!!!

  66. mikaela (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this book. Great information. Easy to understand. Great detail. Very reasonable price. Will definitely be referring to it as I travel. Thank you!

  67. Mike Kostecki (verified owner)

    I found the book informative and information easily found. The Agency Contact section is useful for checking up to date information if you travel to or through a state. A good investment.

  68. Bob Hess (verified owner)

    Very simple and easy to follow. I guess phone Apps are nice sometimes, but this book is easy to follow when you trying to read in a moving vehicle (or where you don’t have service).

  69. William T. Davis Jr. (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing a book that I can travel with and review at a moment’s notice, what I can and cannot do as a concealed carry holder in each state. I am an avid reader, and the book is written to be read as simple as possible.

  70. Aaron Hull (verified owner)

    Yes I got it thank you this is the second one I have used it takes the guess work out of traveling.

  71. J Trousdale

    Do you ever travel with a gun? Do you plan to travel with a gun? Do you have The Travelers Guide? Why not? You can easily “shoot yourself in the foot” if you don’t have access to the excellent, important information guide. Don’t guess. Be informed.

  72. Steve Jacobson (verified owner)

    If you have your concealed carry permit and do any traveling outside your home state…you need this book before you set out. Better to know what you have to do from state to state to remain legal…than to find out the hard way that you made a wrong assumption.

  73. John Dial (verified owner)

    I got it. A lot of good work went into the book. Thank you, John Dial

  74. Robert Potter (verified owner)

    Much hard work and dedication went into this book. Every state is covered with info on reciprocal agreements and unique laws to each state. A must for anyone planning to carry in their own state and anyone planning on possessing their guns while traveling.

  75. Stuart Markman (verified owner)

    I found the book to be very informative and it will save me a lot of problems when I travel. It is quite informative and easy to understand.

  76. Renee Smith (verified owner)

    Both my husband and I discovered some things both instate and out out-of-state that we didn’t know; things that are extremely handy for us to know. Truly a an extremely informative book and certainly a guide book we will carry with us and refer to often in our travels. It’s truly worth more than its financial cost!

  77. Cliff T (verified owner)

    Received the book within 3 days. After looking through it I am very impressed with the information they provide. It goes through the laws and makes it very easy to understand the basics we need to know while traveling. I ordered two one for the house and I keep one in my go bag in the car for when I travel. Thanks Concealed Carry for what you guys do and providing this great tool.

  78. John W. Reynolds (verified owner)

    Yes, I received the book and plan on using it when I travel to try and stay within the law. So far I haven’t had to test it.

  79. Ronald Raymond (verified owner)

    Ronald L. Raymond April 1 2018

    Received the book in good shape. I have read through it and it covers my travel needs.

    Of course the political scene being totally run by the inept and stupid ,,, things could change in a heart beat.
    Revisions could be necessary.

  80. Jim Hartsock (verified owner)

    The Travelers Guide is a must have if you travel from state to state. Great publication. J

  81. Steve H (verified owner)

    I found the book to be very informative and it will remove stress from the unknown and save me a lot of problems when I travel. It is quite informative and easy to understand.

  82. David (verified owner)

    Since I am now making more trips to other States on business trips, this book is a must have. It allows you to have all the information you need in one place to keep you in compliance with all the different States with all of the different laws. I used to have to go look on the internet to read up for each trip, now it is in one handy spot!
    Thank you for the rapid delivery and the support you give us! Please keep up the excellent work.

  83. Jim F (verified owner)

    Got my book the other day and I think it is amazing. I have several trips planned and this book has already given me some good information on planning my trips. The section on RV camping was very informative as well and there is info that I never would have considered. Love the book. This is a MUST HAVE BOOK for all concealed carry folks. It also confirmed what I already believed- California, New York and a couple others care more about illegal aliens than the safety of their citizens. I plan on getting the updated version every year.

  84. Daniel Cotton (verified owner)

    I got the book a few days after ordering, a big thank you for that.i travel a lot from iowa to Tennessee going thru 5 different states all with different laws in regards to weapons ,carrying, traveling with , etc. As a responsible ccw individual this book clearly lays out what you need to know about each state and their individual laws. This book is a must have for anyone who travels with weapons , check it’s a book anyone who has a weapon period. This book is clearly the most complete honest easy to read and understand book of laws and rules in regards to individual states on the market today . My advice to anyone who owns a weapon or is thinking about owning a weapon buy this book now .

  85. John Mortison (verified owner)

    A fount of information. All CCL holders should have a copy when traveling. Useful for keeping up on one’s home state laws too.

  86. Dennis Moore (verified owner)

    Been ordering “Traveler’s Guide” for many years. Every gun owner needs one and don’t leave home without reading it. Keeps you up-to-date on all changes, good and not so good. Well worth the price. When mine arrives I like to hi-lite Green for friendly and Red for unfriendly states for quick reference before leaving home.

  87. Pete Lindberg (verified owner)

    Good info in a concise format.
    Just what I need when travelling.

  88. Tony Wemmer (verified owner)

    If you do any traveling this book is a must.with the ever changing laws you can feel confident when carrying outside your home state very informative easy reference pages make the laws easy to understand my only regret was not ordering one for a friend!

  89. Alan (verified owner)

    I received the book. If you want to know the laws in every state this is a must read. Very informative. A must order.

  90. Mark Bartlett (verified owner)

    I have looked over the Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States and found it to be very informative. It covers the ins and outs of traveling with a gun about the country.
    It is a great tool to help keep you out of trouble with interstate firearm transport. It is certainly worth the few dollars it costs.
    I give it 5 stars and two thumbs up.
    I had a question and was able to find the phone number to call very quickly.
    Everyone should get one to travel with you.

  91. dody h (verified owner)

    A very comprehensive study on the different and confusing laws from different states. Thank you.

  92. Fred Pulaski (verified owner)

    Yes got the book and very satisfied

  93. James Davis (verified owner)

    Hello I just received my book and I just a few states that I have travel in. This book is very informative. If you have not bought this book what are you waiting on. Their is a lot of knowledge about different states laws when it come to carrying concealed guns that are not told to the public. If you get this book you will not be disappointed.

  94. Paula Harvey (verified owner)

    Well worth the money!

  95. Ron (verified owner)

    I recently received my Traveler’s Guide was very impressed. I previously relied on an APP on my phone to check on various state requirements. The information was even helpful for my home state as a refresher since I have been carrying concealed for over 10-years.
    The information is very informative and very detailed including explanation of terms at the front. I also liked the Reciprocity, Recogntion and Permit less Carry section in the back that give a good summary.
    Glad I ordered it.

  96. Steve Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Read through this book and found it very informative on the ins and outs of concealed carry laws for every state. I do a little traveling, with this information, I will be complying with the state law I am in. Great book. Recommend it to everyone that owns a firearm.

  97. BILL COWAN (verified owner)

    Thank you for making this info available to us in a CLEAR, CONCISE format. “IF YOU CARRY”, THIS is the info you MUST have when you travel outside of your state.

  98. Tim L (verified owner)

    Quick reference. Concise and will fit nicely in the truck when I travel.

  99. Bob Moreno

    The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States is quite informative. It pretty much covers the ins and outs of traveling with a gun about the country. First and foremost it is a good tool to help keep you out of trouble with interstate firearm transport. It is certainly worth the few dollars it costs. Two thumbs up.

  100. joe paul columbus ohio (verified owner)

    this is a very informative book well worth the small price i covers anything you need to know worth every penny thank you

  101. Jerry Cotton (verified owner)

    I received my book a few days ago. I found it very informative and well written for the layman to understand. I highly recommend it for all who carry, and especially for those who travel.

  102. John Johanson (verified owner)

    Strated to read only states i will be traveling in. Got interested and read the hole book. Glad I spent this money.
    I am thinking I would be missing out and maybe brakeing the law, if I didn’t have this book.

  103. Robert Smith (verified owner)

    An easy read, very informative and up to date. Recomend it highly. The information is well worth the price.

  104. Manny V (verified owner)

    I buy this book every year prior to taking my RV out for a two month cross country trip. I never leave home without it.

    Even with all the info available on line. I always go to this book before entering a new state.

  105. Michael Roach (verified owner)

    Good information; read up on every state you might travel to or in and keep in your car while traveling. I buy a new edition every couple of years and check to see if there are any changes in my travel areas.

  106. Warren Gardner (verified owner)

    More than great information to keep in the vehicle you are traveling in when doing so outside your Home State. After going over a few of the pages, it becomes more than an obvious observation that “CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY” along with ‘Stand Your Ground’. like we have in our State, needs to be pushed and pushed by your state Legislators until C.C. for those who are U.S. citizens is the law of the land.

  107. Jim Wilson (verified owner)

    I just received my copy of the “Traveler’s Guide to Firearm Laws.” After perusing it casually I find it to contain far more information than I had anticipated. It is especially beneficial to anyone who plans on travelling across the United States and legally carrying their firearm as a means of protection.

    The data contained in the manual is full of very useful laws that the majority of gun owners don’t know. It will not only be beneficial, but mandatory in order to stay within the guidelines of the various state laws. I am pleasantly surprised at the way the book is structured and what a fantastic layout it has for quick reference to the various laws of each state.

  108. Allen T Mickewich (verified owner)

    This book is the clearest, most comprehensive, easiest to understand, state by state listing of gun laws I have ever seen. The map is a real time saver

  109. GJP (verified owner)

    If you carry or pack a gun when you travel, then this book is a must. Even if you only take one out of state trip a year, this book is still worth it.

  110. Gregary Doyle (verified owner)

    This book tells you all you need to know to carry your gun across the states that allow you to carry and the states that don’t.
    I don’t think there is a question that you could come up with that isn’t in the book. It’s definitely worth the money.

  111. Mary Angelo-Roberts (verified owner)

    I am very pleased to have this book. The system is confusing at best, so this is a great quick reference guide that may be carried with you. I bought one for myself and daughter. We all have the responsibility of doing our due diligence about weapon carry. Thank you for always providing the best to your customers!

  112. Robby Richey (verified owner)

    Thanks concealed carry gang! My wife and I travle several weeks a year,and found this guide informative quick and easy to use! I do have one question I travle by 5th wheel camper . Is my RV considered my domain in every state and may I defend my wife and I when inside as such? Keep up the great work! I

  113. Joseph Shahoud (verified owner)

    This book is a priceless collection of information that is vital if you leave your state at all. The chapters at the front of the book are extremely informative and very well written and the state by state sections are equally resourceful. As a CCW instructor, I recommend that all my students add this book to their collection. Heck, I’d recommend getting one for the house and one for the car. Don’t play games when it comes to the law, it might not end well for you if you do.

  114. Lawrence Beck (verified owner)

    This book will be a great resource for me. I have family scattered all over the United States. Traveling to visit them and satisfying my desire to travel as I do this book will be a big help in keeping me incompliance.

  115. david.crain (verified owner)

    Very well written book that gives you the guidelines necessary to travel with a CCW and stay out of trouble. I would encourage everyone to do more research to ensure nothing is missed, but have this resource available to refresh from time to time.

  116. Charles A Jerney (verified owner)

    Lots of good information. I was not aware of the variety of regulations in different states. California is a special kind of “restricted” state. Citizens of the United states DO NOT have carry rights in California.

  117. terry powell (verified owner)

    never received book, one month later tracked to post office holding center wrong address, damn paid for fast delivery, still no book. do not waste your money on this company.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Mr Powell I’m sorry about your experience. Your book was shipped to the address you provided the day after you placed your order. As you said the Post Office shows it as dead mail, perhaps something happened to the label during transit. If the post office was unable to find and deliver your package after you contacted them please reach out to us again and let us know. We will ship you out an additional book at no additional charge.

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