Defensive Gun Use Compilation, And How Guns Save Lives


Defensive Gun Uses do happen. Guns do save lives. And they do so every single day of the week. How do I know? Because just about every single day, we publish stories of defensive gun use where a potential victim decides to be the hero of their own life, instead of falling as prey.

But, as I published three justified shooter stories just this morning, I came to the realization of this truth: Many of you will never see these DGUs, because they are published on our satellite, state-specific websites.

When I use the term “satellite websites,” it's because we have firearms instructors across the nation (in almost half the 50 states) and each state of the Union needs to have its own website. So, for example, I live in Pennsylvania. Therefore, PA's satellite is:

As a bit of a side note, you can type your state in there, just replace Pennsylvania with your state. Keep in mind, that not all of our state sites are being populated just yet, but that time is coming, quickly. Let's move on …

Many of the articles we publish on those smaller sites of ours never see the light of day when it comes to reaching our main audience. In other words, you may never even see these stories unless you know each state has its own website and visit it. What I wanted to do was compile a list of some of these stories with links back to their respective pages. This list will be updated from time to time, as I think about it.

Why is this list of defensive gun uses important? Well, for starters, you rarely hear about this sort of thing on the news. Also, many anti-gunners don't believe that guns can save lives. So, next time one of your anti-gun friends or relatives says “guns are bad and should be banned” you can combat it with this list. Keep in mind that we are not reporting in all 50 states yet. After all, we are not Kryptonians with Superman-sized strength, but regular, hard-working, freedom loving Americans. Let's get started:

North Carolina:

JUSTIFIED: Lincolnton Woman Shoots, Kills Drug Dealer

Lincoln County detectives say that an effort was made to sell stolen guns for drugs in their town, but was thwarted by a civilian with a handgun. The situation left one of the dealers dead after the woman came out of hiding with her gun blazing.

JUSTIFIED: Man Defends his Apartment from 5 Robbers

There will be no charges brought against a  22-year-old who shot and killed the home invader by the name of Stacey Kendell Ross Jr., 20, of Jacksonville, said Onslow County District Attorney Ernie Lee.

JUSTIFIED: Winston-Salem Store Owner Shoots Robbers

A Winston-Salem police report has been released stating that one person is dead from an armed robbery at Coliseum Bingo and Games last Wednesday.


JUSTIFIED: Woman Forced to Shoot Attacking Ex-Boyfriend

A 19-year-old Seattle woman was forced to shoot her ex-boyfriend as he charged at her holding a gun in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood on Monday morning, Seattle police say.


Concealed Carrier Shoots Carjacker Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Stories from Chicago these days are often the subject of crime. It is a most unfortunate fact and one that almost always ends in tragedy, but sometimes instead of that tragedy, you will hear of someone who is not going to take criminality lying down, and instead will put down the criminal. That’s exactly what happened on the city’s Southwest side on Wednesday morning.

JUSTIFIED: Video of Shootout Between Criminal and CCW’er at Chicago Gas Station

The Elmwood Park police have recently released a surveillance video from an April 8 shootout at a gas station that led to the death of a 43-year-old Chicago man.

Chicago Citizen Stops Carjacking with his Gun

The victim of an attempted carjacking in Chicago was lucky to have his handgun to defend himself with, Wednesday afternoon.


Lancaster Home Invader Brings Stick To Gun Fight

On Sunday morning, at around 2:30 AM, Lancaster police were called to the scene of a reported shooting on the 600 block of Marietta Ave. What they found upon arrival was a shaken up husband and wife, with a wounded criminal bleeding on the floor.

Philadelphia Pizza Delivery Driver Attacked by Robbers, but Fires Back

A pizza delivery person, Kayveat Fredericks, who was attacked by a group of robbers, but managed to fire back at his attackers, is recovering in a Philadelphia hospital right now.


JUSTIFIED: Arizona State Trooper Life Saved by Concealed Carrier

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating after a trooper was shot during a response call near Tonopah, 50 miles west of Phoenix, early last Thursday morning. The incident occurred after 4 a.m. on westbound Interstate 10 west of Tonopah.


Downey Store Owner Shuts Down Robbery Attempt

Monday night was a near nightmare for the owner of First Class Audio, a car audio store located in the 8800 block of Rosecrans Avenue in Downey, California.


New Port Richey Employee Defends Himself from Burglar's Assault

The small Pasco County town of New Port Richey was nearly the scene of a tragedy on May 27, according to news reports coming out of the town. Luckily, however, these same reports show that tragedy was averted due to a quick thinking restaurant employee with concealed carry handgun.

Orlando Apartment Residents Fire Back at Group of Intruders

The residents of a local Orlando apartment complex were faced with a group of armed intruders early Thursday morning. Thankfully, tragedy didn’t befall the resident. Why? Because the people who lived in the apartment were armed themselves.

JUSTIFIED: Miami Man Protects his Toddler from Home Invader

A woman who said she lives in the home stated that the homeowner was inside the home with their 3-year-old son at the time of the attempted burglary. She said the child alerted his father there was someone else in the house, and it was at that point that the homeowner encountered the perpetrator and discharged his firearm, killing him.


JUSTIFIED: Concealed Carrier Takes Down Armed Robber in New Orleans T-Mobile Store

A man who was killed in New Orleans on Friday, February 10 is now said to be a suspected armed robber who was fatally shot by a concealed carrying customer inside a T-Mobile store, New Orleans Police have said.


Cypress Cellphone Thief Ends Up Making Off with Only a Bullet

Those gunshots were from the firearm of a man who’s name is not being released at this point, who was meeting with Derek Cooper and an unidentified minor under the guise of a cell phone for money transaction.

San Antonio Woman Defends Herself from Intruder Who Brought 7-Year-Old to the Crime Scene

An odd story of both tragedy and blessing out of San Antonio this time around as a woman from the East side of the city used her firearm to defend herself against an intruder, perhaps saving her life. However, the tragedy lies in who the intruder brought with him during this crime turned shootout, his 7-year-old child.

JUSTIFIED: Houston Man Stops Assault with his Pistol

Investigators said four male suspects tied up the family inside the home using their shoelaces.  Rene Garcia and his father were pistol-whipped to the point they were rushed to the hospital and given stitches to the backs of their heads.


Again, these are just a handful of the defensive gun use stories we publish from a relatively small number (currently 9) states. We also weed through the ones we choose to publish because there are just too many of them for us to put up. So, again I'll say: Guns save lives, and they do so every day of the week, all throughout the country.

About Joshua Gillem

Josh is a lifelong practitioner and student of the gun. He grew up shooting/hunting with his dad, and was given his first gun, a 12 gauge shotgun, when just a small boy. After high school, he joined the Marines where his love for firearms blossomed as he qualified with an M16A2, an M9, and a 240G. Josh has been writing about firearms and tactics for several years, owns the blog Gunners Den, is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, and believes that each individual person has the right to self-defense by any means necessary. Currently residing in gun-friendly NC, he carries a concealed gun on a daily basis, even in his own house.

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  1. blue whitaker on June 20, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    i to grew up shooting on a “hard scrabble” farm in Tennessee, where by 7 i was adding a little protein to the pot. graduated from a little country school at 17 on a Friday and was at PI (with my mom’s permission) on Sunday. This was 1963 so i trained with a M-14, great weapon. Finally ended up with a MOS 8541 and got seconded to the State Dept. with my team. Two white boys & two black boys, (we could say that back then). We were quite good at what we did for uncle sammy but i look back with a different eye today. We were treated like “shit” by the “lifers” but didn’t give a damn and in “central america” the women didn’t care and we were “dangerous & wild”. I didn’t re-up and my team all got there names on the “Wall” when they did. Why did you not say a thing about the Castile shooting in your “concealed carry” article? Did he not have the right to live and carry a legal weapon? Are all LEOs pussies running around “fearing for their lives” ? Speak Up Marine. I hated the racism back then and i still do. I’ve had a gun pulled on me by a thuggish cop, who thought i was going to file a complaint against him. If i’d been black or brown he would have shot me, fearing for his life. I have a Marine sticker in my back window. These days i do carry, legally and you’d better be afraid. I’ve lost a step or two but inside 50ft , i don’t need to “spray and pray”. “One for One” was our motto.

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