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Where Does the Glock E-Trainer Fit In Your Dryfire Training Strategy?

A few months ago our company released a new product to the market called the Glock Easy Trainer or Glock E-Trainer for short. The reception in the market has been greater than we anticipated but there are still some questions we've received repeatedly that we felt needed to be addressed.

First, What is the Glock E-Trainer?

The Glock E-Trainer is a simple device that is installed onto any standard Glock handgun that, when installed, prevents the trigger from breaking and thus keeps the firing pin from being released. This ultimately means the trigger can be operated repeatedly without having to reset the trigger by racking the slide.

Traditionally on a striker-fired handgun, in order to dryfire the gun you would need to rack the slide after each trigger squeeze. Thus the Glock E-Trainer eliminates that action making dryfire training more effective by allowing more trigger presses in the time allotted and by removing the need to rack the slide after each trigger squeeze.

What is the Purpose of Dryfire Training?

I think in order to fully discuss this or any other dryfire training product we need to have some clarity on the purpose of dryfire training. Here are some considerations:

More Total Time on the Trigger: We train dry (without ammo) because if we only get firearm practice when we have the time to go to the range and the money to pay for ammunition then none of us are likely to get enough time on the gun to build strong shooting skills. Thus we rely on dry fire training to augment our live fire in order to build deeper skills.

Training Things You May Not Be Able to Do Live: We train dry because many of us don't have access to live fire ranges where we can practice critical skills such as target transitions, moving while shooting, 360 degree environments, use of cover, low-light, weapon transitions, and much much more. Thus we rely on dry fire to train these skills and activities that we otherwise would never be able to practice.

Overcoming Shooting Problems Caused by Live Fire: We train dry because there are some shooting issues that are created by constant live fire. Dealing with recoil anticipation for example is much easier to practice dry where there is no recoil.

The Glock E-Trainer Elephant In the Room

So despite a mostly strong reception of the product in the market, the thing we hear the most from potential customers, readers, and others is that the product isn't very useful because it removes the feeling of the trigger break and reset. In fact one “commenter” wrote this:

Since the entire purpose of dry fire is to practice the feeling of breaking and resetting the trigger this product is completely useless.

My response to a comment like this? Mr Commenter if you believe that then you must also believe that dryfire training is useless. This is why:

If you dry fire any striker-fired gun including a Glock, then you have to rack the slide between each trigger press. Can anyone truly suggest or believe that to remove the feeling of the trigger break eliminates any benefit of the practice session while also believing that racking the slide between each trigger press is perfectly fine and has no potential negative impact? To believe that is to believe that muscle memory matters only in the trigger finger and not in the body as a whole.

If you need to defend yourself you aren't going to press the trigger and then rack the slide unless it's to clear a malfunction. To suggest otherwise is a contradiction.

So Where Does the Glock Easy Trainer Fit?

Now, if there is a way to NOT rack the slide each time AND have the true feeling of a trigger break then that is a solution worth pursuing and that is why the SIRT pistol from NLT is such an amazing product. But for those who don't want to spend or don't have the cash to spend $200+ on a training pistol, the Glock E-Trainer may be the next best solution, and ultimately anyone serious about dryfire practice is probably going to want both

You would want both because any quality dryfire training strategy is going to incorporate a lot of different skills and situations. Each of those may be better practiced using different tools. The SIRT may allow for repeated trigger presses without racking the slide but when it comes time to practice malfunction clearing or reloads you may want to have a real firearm with a slide that can be racked for example.

In some of my dryfire training I will focus on operating the trigger and then manually racking the slide. In other drills I may attach the Glock E-Trainer and work on steady trigger manipulation without disturbing my sight picture. Other times in dryfire I may use laser inserts or a bore sight. Sometimes I use household objects as targets and other times I will use LaserLyte targets or the LASR software.

A quality dryfire practice session may incorporate several tools and methods in order to be well rounded, just the same as a live fire training program is going to incorporate a variety of tools and methods. Don't get stuck only doing one thing over and over in your training sessions!

What do you think? Have you considered the Glock E-Trainer for your dryfire practice? If not please consider placing your order here. Like everything we sell the Glock E-Trainer comes with a 60 day no questions asked return policy.

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7 Responses to Where Does the Glock E-Trainer Fit In Your Dryfire Training Strategy?

  1. D December 27, 2017 at 10:54 am #

    So does this product allow laser training and multiple shots with training cartridge?

    • Jacob Paulsen December 27, 2017 at 10:57 am #

      No. It blocks the firing pin from being released which means it won’t strike the laser cartridge. This is another one of those things where you can’t have the best of both worlds. If you use a laser insert then you will have to just rack the slide after each shot in order to reset the firing pin.

  2. Marcel Courtemanche December 25, 2018 at 7:24 pm #

    I was always told not to dryfire because it could damage something. I just bought a Springfield Amory .45. How can I find out if it is safe for me to practice like that?

    • Jacob Paulsen December 25, 2018 at 7:35 pm #

      It is almost surely safe. There is some debate over the potential for damaging the firing pin with extensive and repeated dry fire but most people feel that there is no real concern.

  3. Chris La Porye April 25, 2019 at 1:29 pm #

    I assumed from the ads that this product would give a trigger break. We know what happens when we assume. Very disappointed. Caveat emptor.

    • Jacob Paulsen April 30, 2019 at 8:30 am #

      Chris sorry you feel misled. Feel free to return the product for a full refund.

  4. Richard Compston August 19, 2019 at 12:32 am #

    I usually don’t stick my nose into other peoples business or opinions about things and I’m not going to do that here.
    I am just going to state my opinion of the Barrelblok as a Dryfire Training Aide. Let me preface this by stating that I am and have been a professional certified instructor for fifty(50) years and I have also been using, advocating, encouraging and teaching Dryfire Training the whole time.
    I have only been using Dryfire Training Aides for the past few years and they have made an absolute believer out of me as to their benefit.
    Anything that enhances the safety of Firearms training goes immediately to the top of my list.
    Now let’s get to the Barrelblok and striker fired handguns and its’ advantages over other Dryfire type bore blocks.
    As you know the BarrelBlok is a dual safety system. It obviously blocks the bore from having a live round enter the chamber but equally as important it has the MagBlok that allows you to rack the slide without the slide locking to the rear just as if you were racking the slide to place a round into the chamber during Live Fire. This is where the BarrelBlok has a great advantage over other Bore type blocks that I have used that don’t have anything pertaining to the Magazine.
    I use it to train trigger pull without disturbing sight alignment and sight picture, racking the slide just like you would if you were to have a misfire in Live Fire and it works great for that specific training mindset.
    Anyway you look at it or how you train it is an excellent SAFETY TRAINING DEVICE, that is its’ intended purpose.

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