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S5E02 Dry Fire

S5E2: Dry Fire – 3 Challenges and 7 Solutions

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen talk about some of the challenges associated with dry fire practice and then propose a bunch of solutions for overcoming those. We can attribute obtaining much of our skill to regular, effective dry practice, now let’s make sure we’re doing it safely and maximizing our time doing it. Tune in!

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tyrant designs

Tyrant Designs – Brand New P320 Trigger Released

Tyrant Designs just announced that they are accepting pre-orders of their brand new Sig Sauer P320 trigger upgrade. Tyrant Designs CnC: The company is known for its machined and skeletonized upgrade parts for AR-15’s and enhancement parts for Glock, Sig, and S&W handguns. I haven’t seen one in person yet. However, I have done several […]

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Trigger Reset Simplified : 3 (or More) Reasons Why Everything You Know About it is Probably Wrong

A recent on post reminded me of something that I’ve sort of taken for granted. However, it wasn’t long ago that a discussion with a world-class shooter challenged and ultimately changed my understanding of the topic myself. The Falsehood We’ve Been Teaching About Trigger Reset Frequently trigger reset is talked about in the firearms and […]

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