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L.A.S.R. 4.0 Update Released – Laser Training Software


The team over at L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) has announced the release of version 4.0 of the industry's top laser training software! I got the email today from the team over there and there are some exciting features worth reviewing.

->First and foremost if you don't already have LASR Click here

Like many software updates the 4.0 version of LASR includes some cosmetic changes to the interface that will make it easier to use and manage dialog windows and other parts of the program. The lighting advisory bubble has also been replaced with an in-line pop-in.

A lot of new icons have been added or replaced to keep the overall look and feel of the software consistent and easy to use.

Changes to Target Zones

The maximum number of target zones has been increased from 9 to 20! This makes it a lot easier to use the program with multiple target drills when dealing with multiple shooters.

Also there is a new target “type” called free form which makes it easy to make anything a target. Instead of being limited to circles, squares, and rectangles, the free form target can be drawn for any shape or outline!

Here is a video from Jason to take you through these changes:

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