Finally a Holster for the SIRT Pocket Pistol Training Gun

Do you love your SIRT Pocket Pistol, but feel frustrated because you can't find a Kydex holster for it? Well, KSG Armory is changing that, because they now make a dedicated holster that fits your SIRT pocket pistol.

Training with the SIRT Pocket Pistol—

One tool I use most often in my firearm training is my Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) laser training gun from Next Level Training. An attribute of the SIRT that many appreciate is that several models are nearly identical in shape to popular guns, like the Glock 19/17/22, Smith and Wesson M&P, and Sig Sauer P320. This works well because you can use your existing holster while training with your SIRT gun.


Next Level Training SIRT (Shot Activated Resetting Trigger) Laser Training Gun—

However, there is a SIRT gun that isn't an exact match to a real firearm. The SIRT Pocket Pistol is a training gun designed to resemble the popular single-stack, micro-compact, handguns such as the Glock 43, Springfield Hellcat, and Sig Sauer P365. Because it isn't an exact match, it doesn't work great with any gun specific, Kydex style holsters that are very popular. Until now.

KSG Armory just released a Kydex holster built specifically for Next Level Training's SIRT Pocket Pistol.

At around sixty bucks, the new holster is a great cost-effective option if you have a SIRT Pocket Pistol and want to practice with a holster that actually works with the training gun. This holster isn't for everyday carry so it is pretty minimalistic. It uses a plastic Fomi clip, and doesn't have a wedge or Modwing, etc. But it's perfect for dryfire practice with your pocket pistol.

The Lexington holster is a fantastic option for an everyday carry holster and KSG makes the Lexington for a wide variety of handgun makes and models.

If you want to learn more about the SIRT Pocket Pistol holster from KSG Armory, just follow this link.

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