Concealed Carry Inc. Announces Partnership with RAND CLP Lubricants

As you may have seen, we at Concealed Carry Inc. have been really into the lube game, recently and in doing so, we wanted to get the best deals and products for you to choose from, and as we put out the call to companies, we got a response from RAND CLP. That response has brought us to this. A new partnership for Concealed Carry Inc. to carry RAND CLP lubricants and products in our store!

We're very proud of this partnership, and it appears RAND are as well based on the response of this recent press release that RAND sent to its customers. Here is the text of their release.

Stratford, CT – March 20th, 2017 – RAND CLP,, a division of XG Industries, has reached an agreement with,, an internet website geared to firearm accessories, news, and media events. This partnership enables all RAND products to be purchased on their website,, increasing brand exposure for RAND products to a large and growing audience of firearm enthusiasts.

“We are excited about this partnership, and feel that it is a great fit for both companies,” said Jesse Harte, Head of Global Sales for RAND Products. “Getting our products in front of an engaged, knowledgeable audience like the one at is a great way to grow our brand.” is a nationwide network of firearm instructors, as well as an online media outlet for firearm related news, and an online store for firearm accessories. With a large following and growing subscriber base, is quickly becoming a go-to resource for news and training articles for anything firearm related.

“Our team has been enthusiastic about the quality of the RAND product line. Carrying these products in our online store makes it easier for us to ensure our students and customers have access to the best products available in the industry,” says Jacob Paulsen, President of “Our instructors, students, and customers rely on their firearms for their own defense and RAND products ensure the firearm works as it should.”

RAND CLP creates and manufactures the most effective, high quality, non-toxic gun cleaning products available on the market today. With this partnership, more people will be able to discover these products and see the benefits for themselves.

So with that, a new partnership begins and we hope that these new choices for firearms maintenance products allow you to get the products that you need to satisfy all of your gun cleaning needs.

For more information about our RAND Products that we offer, click the button below to check it out for yourselves.

Happy cleaning!

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