If you read my review of the Benchmade Mini Adamas posted last week, you know Benchmade sent me two knives. This review focuses on the second knife, the Mini Barrage. The Benchmade Mini Barrage is quite different from the Mini Adamas in many ways, so let's get to it.


The Mini Barrage and the Mini Adamas are quite different, but they do share some features. Both knives ship in a nice, foam-lined box, with sharp, quality steel blades. Like the Mini Adamas, the Mini Barrage also has Benchmade's Axis Lock which does an excellent job of keeping the knife open. That's really where the similarities end.

The Mini Barrage is quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Mini Adamas. Weighing in at just 3.38 ounces, you barely notice it in your pocket. It fits perfectly into the fifth pocket on a pair of jeans, and the clip holds it securely. The clip can be attached on either side, so the knife will work for left or right-side carry.

Benchmade Mini Barrage with box

Benchmade Mini Barrage with box


The Mini Barrage cuts through sisal rope, nylon cinch straps, and every other diameter and type of rope or cordage I could find. The knife is very sharp right out of the box. It will cut 550 paracord, #13 bank line, and hay bale twine with little effort.

After doing my best to dull the blade without abusing it, the Mini Barrage is still sharp enough to easily cut through paper and cardboard. The compact size and sharp blade make for an agile knife that can produce feather sticks or whittle small tree limbs without any fuss.

For a smaller knife, it performs impressively in the field and daily tasks. It is so easy to carry that you don't notice it is in your pocket, but it is there when you need it.

Benchmade Mini Barrage right side

Benchmade Mini Barrage – Right Side


The Mini Barrage I received came in a color called Blue Canyon Richlite. It is a dark blue, almost denim-type of color with a somewhat rubbery set of scales. This assists with retention when working in wet conditions. The knife is 2.91” with a closed length of 4” and an overall length of 6.91”.

It features a satin-finished blade with a drop point style, and it is made of CPM-S30V tool-grade steel. It is S30V can be difficult to sharpen, but it offers excellent edge retention. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance. The Mini Barrage is designed by Warren Osborne and, like all Benchmade knives, made right here in the USA.

Benchmade Mini Barrage Left

Benchmade Mini Barrage – Left Side


As is the case with most quality knives, the Mini Barrage is not a cheap, Chinese knife. At the time of writing, this knife is available on for $270 in Blue Canyon Richlite, but they do offer a very similar version of the Mini Barrage in Black Valox for $171.

It is an excellent knife for collectors and enthusiasts, but it is not the most economical choice for everyday use. Like many things, value is subjective. Ultimately, value is determined by the end user. If the price dropped a bit, I would have no reservations about recommending this particular knife to friends, family, and fellow bush crafters.

The knife has a great feel and made quick,  work of every task I threw at it. The Benchmade Mini Barrage is a high-quality knife, and it is manufactured domestically, but that comes at a premium. Benchmade's LifeSharp maintenance and sharpening program offers additional value and ensures your knife will endure years of use.

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  1. A.W. Chidester on November 2, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    It is priced ‘OVER THE TOP.” NO way would I EVER spend that m uch for a knife!!

  2. S. Johnson on January 10, 2024 at 2:53 pm

    I have 17 different pocket knives so far. All from major brand names. I have spent a lot of time in the House of Knives playing with and testing a lot of different knives. I buy the ones I like for various reasons. I own both the Barrage (straight edge) and the Mini Barrage(Combo Edge). I bought my mini barrage approximately 15 years ago when t was offered with a combo knife edge (Serrated and Straight). Unfortunately for todays buyers this is not an option. I will say of all my knives, he mini Barrage is still my favorite knife by far. Nothing is a close second. I can go on for paragraphs about it bit trust me. I think it is worth every penny.

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