Taurus Issues Safety Notice for GX4 Handguns

Taurus issued what they refer to as a “Safety Notice” for their popular new GX4 handguns. According to Taurus, the issue is that under some circumstances, if dropped, the GX4 could fire upon impact with the ground.

taurus safety recall

Taurus Joins Honor Defense and Sig Sauer—

This isn't the first time we've seen this phenomenon with a handgun. Honor Defense's Honor Guard handgun and the Sig Sauer P320 handgun are two well-known cases.

The case with the Honor Guard potentially firing if dropped, along with the negative feedback on how the company president responded to the issue, might very well be factors in what caused the company to dissolve.

The drama with Sig's P320 handguns is more complex because of how popular the P320 handgun is. Not only is it a favorite of many for concealed carry, but Sig earned a government contract to supply the U.S. military with Sig P320s and many police departments across the country issue, or allow officers to carry the P320 on duty. Sig issued a voluntary trigger upgrade, but that hasn't stopped lawsuits and claims that the gun fires on its own from continuing to this day.

Taurus GX4 Safety Notice—

Taurus says:

“Some GX4 pistols assembled and sold only in the United States may, under certain circumstances, discharge when dropped.

Safely unload and stop using your GX4 IMMEDIATELY. Failure to observe this warning may result in injury or death to you or others.”

If you own a Taurus GX4 handgun, ensure you check its serial number to see if the safety notice affects your gun.

check serial number taurus

Click HERE to check and see if the safety notice applies to your GX4 handgun.

It's important to handle firearms safely and keep your gear operating properly. If you're looking for a new handgun to carry every day, here are a few articles with advice on what to look for.

While we are talking about safety, a well-built holster is a vitally important component to carrying your handgun safely. Here are the criteria I think are the bare minimum in any holster you should consider using.

gx4 safety notice

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