Taurus Issues Safety Notice for GX4 Handguns

taurus safety recall

Taurus issued what they refer to as a “Safety Notice” for their popular new GX4 handguns. According to Taurus, the issue is that under some circumstances, if dropped, the GX4 could fire upon impact with the ground. Taurus Joins Honor Defense and Sig Sauer— This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this phenomenon with a…

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Apex Tactical – Mandatory Recall For Some Glock Triggers

If you installed an Apex Tactical Glock Slim Frame Action Enhancement Kit, you want to read on to find out if this mandatory recall affects your trigger kit. Below is the notification from Apex Tactical: Apex Tactical Mandatory Recall — Apex Tactical Specialties announces a mandatory recall of a limited number of Apex Action Enhancement Kits for…

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Ruger Safety Bulletin for Some SR22 Handguns

ruger sr22 safety recall

For those of you who own one of the popular SR22 pistols from Ruger, please read this bulletin to see if your gun is affected by this potentially dangerous issue. Ruger SR22 Safety Notice — The following is directly from Ruger’s Recall and Safety Announcements page: In rare instances, if the left and right frame…

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Some R7 Mako Handguns Recalled by Kimber

r7 mako kimber

Kimber issued a recall for a select batch of their new R7 Mako handguns. If you know someone who owns a Kimber R7 Mako, please this notice with them. From Kimber: Kimber Mfg. Inc. (“Kimber”) has discovered a quality issue involving the firing pin safety block of certain Kimber R7 mo handguns. This recall…

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S&W Shield EZ Safety Recall

Smith & Wesson has issued a safety recall surrounding a batch of EZ pistols manufactured between March 1st and October 31st 2020. The identified problem occurred on firearms where a hammer was cracked and then failed to fully engage the sear. This can cause a round to fire, cycle the slide, and then continue to…

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