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Self-Defense Against the Mob Has Changed

Self-defense against a mob has changed. It used to be that you could effectively defend yourself against a perceived mob threat with deadly force if you were attacked. Now, as Massad Ayoob points out in a video published a few days ago (shown below), things have changed.

But I would posit that it's even worse than he says in his video. Ayoob rightly states that in the last century and for generations before that, you could defend yourself against a mob of people and be appropriately defended in court under the totality of the circumstances.

Meaning that if the mob was trying to hurt you and there was evidence to support your claim under the reasonable person standard (meaning that any reasonable person would have acted the way you did), that there would be no question about your motive and therefore innocence.

He puts forth that things have changed because you don't always know the intent of the people around you in the “mob.” You cannot assume that because there is a mob of people that they all have the same goal. He says that some of these people are there to protest, while others are there to riot and the only way to tell the difference is to see their actions.

And even then it won't be as clear cut because someone's actions aren't always straight forward.

You'll therefore have a harder time defending yourself because you don't know what the intent is from the entire mob. Check out this video:

Now, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Massad Ayoob, but I think it goes even further than what he explains in his video. I think there is truth in what he says because not all protestors want to hurt others and you might end up shooting someone who had no intention to harm you and was not armed with the means to hurt you.

However, where it goes further is that even in clear cut cases of self-defense, like with my personal views of Kyle Rittenhouse, you can still face charges and be made into an example for the rest of us. After reviewing Kyle's defensive footage, as well as videos of him being a good human being beforehand, I've come to my own personal conclusion that this kid acted out of self-defense (please keep in mind I'm not an attorney and nothing I ever say should be construed to be legal advice).

But the mainstream media and anti-gun politicians want you to believe that he went there looking to kill someone, even though he was clearly being attacked and was about to be shot by someone with a handgun.

Kyle's situation will set precedent for years to come regardless of the outcome. I honestly believe it will be thrown out because it's ridiculous, but it won't be thrown out before it is dragged out as long as possible costing heartache and a lot of money.

So I think the best thing you or I can ever do is to avoid a situation like this entirely. Don't go to the mob thinking that if you end up in the thick of things that you'll be legally allowed to defend yourself if you're attacked.

Heck, they don't even think you should be at your own house with a mob outside like the St. Louis couple did. At the end of the day they want to make examples of us so we're afraid to defend our lives.

Avoidance is the best policy, again as Ayoob stated in the above video. What do you think about all of this mob stuff? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Responses to Self-Defense Against the Mob Has Changed

  1. Capt Dave December 21, 2020 at 7:01 pm #

    Mr. Ayoob is certainly right about avoiding conflict. That is CC 101. After seeing interviews with the boy’s mother. I understand where he gets his stupidity from. Maybe you should have been in my CC classes or my refresher and then you might understand why his life is over. He traveled to another state to defend property that was not his, and owned by people he did not know. In other words, people who were not in his circle. We were taught that we are not law enforcement. Therefore we only have the right to defend those in our circle. Not sure what is taught in Wisconsin, but he is from Illinois. He fails to meet 2 requirements: 1) be 21 years old 2) Not be intellectually or mentally disabled. How arrogant, stupid, or just naive to think that you can be a vigilante somewhere that is none of your business. No idea why you are glorifying this idiot. Now this “nice human being” will spend the rest of his life behind bars. He looks soft to me. He will need someone to protect him and that ain’t going to be free.

    I only partially blame him though. Most people grow out of stupid if they survive to adulthood. But how can you do this with stupid parenting? Let me see, I’m going to drive my child to another state with a deadly weapon, civil unrest accompanied by some violent actors and leave him there. Yup, I’ll be parent of the year.

    One other thing. You have to be 18 to open carry in Wisconsin. That makes him stupid AND a criminal. No way to rehabilitate that issue in court. Maybe all these people raising him to saint hood will visit him in the big house. People who violate gun laws make it more difficult for those of us who do not. That’s what I think. You asked.

  2. Cal December 22, 2020 at 11:01 am #

    THANK YOU CAPT DAVE!!! Josh, you should of just let Mr. Ayoob’s commentary stand on it’s own. It was sensible, rational, balanced, evidence and legally based. Your little Kyle Rittenhouse promo plug was totally counter to everything Mr. Ayoob was trying to teach us. With stakes this high all around, that was a fail.

  3. Carl December 24, 2020 at 12:29 am #

    The mobs are wrong. Self defense is right. The mobs thrive on and hunger for violence. Ask and ye shall receive. Good article as always Joshua. Please keep on standing up for those who stand up for themselves.

  4. Carl December 24, 2020 at 12:42 am #

    The aggressive mobs are wrong. Reasonable acts of self defense are right. The mobs thrive on and hunger for violence. The imminent threat must be handled accordingly. Blanket apologies for and the enabling of these mob aggressors must stop now. A great article as always Joshua. Please continue to stand up for those who have been forced to stand up for themselves.

  5. Eric January 8, 2021 at 6:09 pm #

    good points in the vid. From what I saw Kyle was justified in defending his life plain and simple. Its sad that citizens have to ban together to protect property. His mistake was leaving the group which allowed him to become a target. I hope he is freed. He went there to help because law enforcement had failed their society.

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