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Guardian Nation Live With Dave Spaulding

The next Guardian Nation Live Broadcast brings you Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives. Spaulding draws on 36 years of experience working as a police officer in multiple areas of law enforcement from correctional officer, to CSI technician, to firearms instructor.

Since leaving law enforcement behind, Spaulding has been teaching how to better fight with a pistol. His training company’s curriculum is centered around teaching proper manipulation of handguns, only.

According to the Handgun Combatives website:

“During a moment in time when 4th generation warfare is the norm for all citizens, it makes sense to go armed. While any number of weapons are superior in power and accuracy to the handgun, no other gun is as easy to carry and have with you at all times.

This is why Handgun Combatives concentrates on the handgun in its training courses…it is the weapon you are likely to have with you at all times. The first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun and the handgun is the one you are most likely to have when danger presents itself.”

In short, Spaulding is a wealth of knowledge, who is willing to share his thoughts on Handgun Combatives and training with our Guardian Nation Members.

This is your chance, as a member, to ask questions in real time and get answers from one of the foremost leading experts in handgun fighting.

This broadcast will take place, live, at 7 PM Mountain on Thursday, February 28th.

To take advantage, you must be a member of Guardian Nation. There are other benefits of joining, as well, because we want to make sure you get all you can out of it.

For example:

  • Quarterly gear box filled with tactical goodness
  • Access to the shooter skills video library
  • Access to all past GN Live Broadcasts with people like Rob Leatham, James Yaeger, Chris Cheng, and many others
  • Instant discounts on everything we sell
  • Access to our twice/year HUGE sales where we actually lose money
  • And much more

You can learn more about becoming a member of Guardian Nation, here. Join the thousands of others who are members to take your skills up an extra notch, today.

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