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SHOP Talk: Stance

Is there such a thing as shooter’s stance? To some degree there may be, but in this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley shows you a better way of thinking about it than just having the proper shooter’s stance that we’ve all been taught to have. Weaver? Isosceles? Something you’ve seen on the big screen? The […]

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Glock Promotes Gun Safety

A few days ago we received an e with a press release from Glock that we thought was pretty cool. I wouldn’t usually just stick the entire press release in an article, but think it was warranted this time around. The entire thing is centered around gun safety, which is something we should all be […]

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Beginner gun training

New Gun Owner Mistakes

We see and talk to a lot of people about guns, concealed carry, and self-defense on a very regular basis. We also see and hear some questionable things done by both new and experienced gun owners that aren’t best practices. Here is a short list explaining some of those gun owner mistakes: Internet Advice: […]

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Both the SnagMag (left), and the Neo Mag (right) allow one to easily and comfortably carry a spare magazine in their pocket.

Snag Mag Vs Neo Mag

Lots of everyday concealed carriers carry spare magazines, and there are many good reasons to do so. Your favorite holster manufacturers may incorporate a magazine carrier, sometimes referred to as a ‘sidecar’ into the holster. Typically these are designed for appendix, inside the waistband (AIWB) carry. Carrying like this is pretty comfortable and accessing a […]

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