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Firearms Case

SCOTUS Confirms 2nd Amendment Rights Won’t Be Stripped From Those Who Commit Non-Violent Misdemeanors

This week the Supreme Court received a case that echoed a story that our Colorado Concealed Carry website covered just a few weeks ago. The story involved a man submitting an appeal to the 10th Circuit Court regarding his second amendment rights being taken away after receiving a misdemeanor offense. Well, due to other cases being […]

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1911 M1 Carbine

Inland MFG’s 1911A1 and M1 Paratrooper Carbine, With Some History of Each

The Guns of WWII and Operation Overlord Just recently, on June 6th, 2017 the 73rd anniversary of Operation Overlord, otherwise known as the Battles of Normandy and Brittany to place.  These two battles, along with D-Day about a month earlier, were incredibly important in shifting the momentum of the war in the European Theater.  These […]

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Episode 133: Lessons Learned From the Philando Castile Shooting Video

Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories in the concealed carry and firearms industry world including some important updates out of Nevada and Oregon as far as reciprocity is concerned, Illinois is cracking down on violent offenders, one man credits his training with being able to stop a violent bear attack. Meanwhile military snipers are […]

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nevada permit reciprocity

Nevada Now Honoring Oregon Concealed Carry Permits

The State of Nevada has updated their official website to reflect a new reciprocity arrangement they have finalized with the State of Oregon. This means moving forward, those of you with the Concealed Carry permit (both resident and non-resident permits) from the State of Oregon can carry concealed per Nevada Concealed Carry law when visiting.

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