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gun control laws are bad

In Five Months, 26 States Have Passed 55 Gun Control Laws

Since the tragedy in Parkland, FL, the gun-control lobby has seized the national spotlight. Groups like March For Our Lives and Everytown USA have organized marches, protests, and town halls calling for legislative action. While their demands have not been answered in Congress, the state legislatures have taken action. Since February, over half the states […]

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Intuit Reimburses Gun Store After “Misunderstanding”

Several weeks ago, the credit service Intuit (the maker of Turbo Tax and QuickBos) stopped processing credit card payments for gun related purchases. Without any warning, small businesses dealing with firearms found themselves in the hole as Intuit credited back payments for services already rendered. One business affected was Gunsite Academy, a company in Paulden, […]

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