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Episode 62: Outshoot Cops: How to Perform Better Than Average LEOs


Topic: Outshoot Cops: How to Perform Better Than Average LEOs

Oftentimes law enforcement is held up–and usually rightfully so–as the standard for firearms training. But is that necessarily the correct standard to be compared to? Is the law enforcement standard even all that high? Can civilians be equally as prepared and trained–or better–than the law enforcement officers that also serve and protect them? What does one need to do to quickly ramp up their skills and consistently operate at a high level without getting stuck in a rut or on a plateau? Listen in to find out!!…

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One Response to Episode 62: Outshoot Cops: How to Perform Better Than Average LEOs

  1. david wolf November 7, 2016 at 4:13 am #

    It would have been nice if you had got around to telling us what the standards are for most leo. Number of shots fired, amount of time, required number of hits within a certain space, size of allowed space, distance to target. Very hard to know anything about outshooting someone if I don’t know what I’m competing against.

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