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Articles about urban and rural modern survival. Everything from picking locks to building wilderness shelters. You need to be prepared when SHTF.

knife crime goes up in UK

Reality Check—Are You Prepared?

When I was a kid, Fantasy Land used to be a theme park where you could run around all day, riding fun rides, and there was nothing to worry about. A Cause of Concern? Fast forward to my life today, and there’s much to worry about; inflation, work, violent activism, health, natural disaster, and political […]

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Officer Involved Shooting

Lessons for the Civilian Concealed Carrier from This Officer Involved Shooting

Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and civilian concealed carriers have different missions which drive their tactics and actions for using deadly force. Even though this video is from an officer involved shooting (OIS) I think concealed carriers can benefit from watching how it all unfolds. Miami Township Police Department Officer Involved Shooting— Take a lo at […]

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