Should You Search Your House For The Bad Guy?

complete home defense

Our homes provide us and our families with a security that we otherwise would not have. But even the best home security measures are not effective 100% of the time. There are lots of talks about which guns are best for home defense. And not diminishing the importance of those topics, how you respond is…

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Can You Shoot a Peeping Tom – The “Fear Factor”

A woman in Texas shot a man claiming she was in fear of her life. The incident started shortly before 11 PM on Friday, September 10th. According to reports, while she was in her bedroom, the homeowner loed out her window. When she did, she saw an unknown male outside her home. She said the…

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I Survived a Carjacking, 8 Takeaways


As concealed carriers, we have our firearm on us; knowing the odds are good, we will never have to use it. We practice and train for an incident we pray never happens. However, because of obvious logistical issues, most concealed carriers have a huge void in their skillset. That being techniques and skills to better…

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Episode 330: Legal Q&A with Andrew Branca and Chad Enos at KelTec

Riley had the privilege of sitting down with and talking about legal questions and considerations together with Andrew Branca (Law of Self Defense) and Chad Enos (KelTec). Listeners and viewers submitted questions to us and were presented to Andrew for his responses. Chad added a unique perspective to the issues, and overall we had a great chat.

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