S4E13: News and Gear Reviews – Springfield Armory SA-35

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster the latest industry news. We bring updates regarding the Rittenhouse case, the Alec Baldwin shooting, and discuss the errors the FBI makes with regards to background checks. We also a couple of new gun releases and provide our reviews on a couple of products! Tune in!

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Episode 207: ‘Leave No Survivors’ – The Call for Attacks on Gun Owners

In this episode, Riley and Matthew talk about the latest news in the industry. Kalashnikov announces expansion of the tooling plant for the new Lebedev pistol. Plus we talk about the latest back-and-f0rth on gun control and pro-gun laws and bills. Plus 3 great news stories featuring JUSTIFIED SAVES that you’re not going to want to miss because there’s some great lessons learned.

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People are Panicking over “Fix NICS” but Should They?

Fix NICS Bill

As many of you know, ConcealedCarry.com has been covering the status of the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act with great interest. We believe that this bill has always been a fantastic advance for carriers around the country and still believe it will serve our flock well. HOWEVER, there has been a lot of panic over an attached bill to National Reciprocity called “Fix NICS”. But are these fears justified? We loed a little deeper at this legislation and what we found is a bit different than what many gun sites are saying.

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