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Episode 25: Proper Trigger Safety & What Clinton Thinks About Constitutional Rights

trigger safety

Training Tip: Trigger Control as it Relates to Safety

NEWS – Legislative Updates in New Hampshire, California, and Missouri – Brave man in Houston fires back at Active Shooter


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    Today’s episode is sponsored by our very own USA Firearm Training’s American Gun Law Course. What would you pay to sit down with an attorney and ask him all the questions you wanted answers to about gun and self-defense law? Well you can get all these answers in a 3+ hour online video training course for much less than even an hour’s worth of time spent with an attorney. We spent 2.5  days sitting down with one of the best criminal defense attorneys asking him to explain and break down the laws, and recorded it all. This fantastic training is available for pre-order now!

    Wednesday Episode Teaser

    Later this week on the Concealed Carry Podcast we will be talking about “7 Stupid Reasons Why You Don't Have a Gun Lawyer.” A discussion about how to help those around you take action in defending themselves!

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      One Response to Episode 25: Proper Trigger Safety & What Clinton Thinks About Constitutional Rights

      1. kenedwards14 June 5, 2017 at 12:00 pm #

        If you haven’t taken the opportunity to listen to the podcast at .5 speed please do. It is hilarious! It sounds like a couple drunk guys shooting the breeze!

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