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Episode 11: How This 88 Year Old Illinois Grandma Survived A Home Invasion


Continuing with our theme of preparing for and honoring our mothers on Mother’s Day, we will feature stories today about mothers defending themselves, son’s defending their mothers, and also gun owners are setting records in gun purchases. This and much more on Episode 11:

News Shared In This Episode

  • Kansas City Woman Shoots Kills Home Intruder (KFDI)
  • At Least 5 Gun-Purchase Records Set in March (NRA ILA)
  • Chicago, Baltimore and D.C. Account for 50% of US Homicide Increase (TTAG)
  • Mississippi Signs Constitutional Carry Into Law (USAFT)
  • Son Shoots Alleged Intruder to Protect Elderly Mother (Breitbart)
  • Dad interrupts attack in Rochester home invasion (DemocratandCronicle)

Episode Sponsor

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