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My Thoughts on This Mess We’re In

Well my friends, it seems like things are changing for the gun industry again, at least they are on the surface. All I've got to say is wow, what a whirlwind of a mess we're finding ourselves in as of late. Things could be really changing in the gun industry, and it won't necessarily be for the better.

Sure, sales of guns and ammo are picking up more than ever in the here and now, but if anti-gun Joe Biden gets his way, and it's looking a lot like he will, he plans to end certain aspects of our industry right away. At least, this is what it seems like if we're taking him at his word.

Both Biden and Harris have come out with their disdain for firearms and the people who own them.

Where things get interesting, is that there is actually less concern about gun ownership, or “gun violence,” among voters (probably because of the new wave of gun owners throughout the nation). According to this article I found on the NSSF's website complete with survey info and fancy graphs, when it comes to top priorities among voters, gun control is all the way at the bottom.

Well, not all the way to the bottom … out of 25 items, gun control was the 20th most important thing to voters.


Meaning that, of those surveyed, there were 19 other things more important to them than guns.

Don't worry though, Biden has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't work for the American people. Remember?

If Biden or Harris make it to the oval office they've promised a quick flurry of gun legislation in the form of executive orders.

They have made it perfectly clear that they are very anti-gun, whether or not they admit to it (after all, let's not forget that Joe owns 12 and 20 gauge shotguns and loves to give advice on how to use them ;-). And we are already potentially seeing some of the results of this, with the recent Polymer 80 ATF raid that took place.

Polymer 80, by the way, is almost a maker guns. Their products are not technically guns because they're only 80 percent finished.

They aren't guns by LAW because they are NOT FINISHED. They aren't finished until the end user finishes them. And, making things more interesting, US citizens have always been allowed to make guns in their own houses since before the birth of this nation.

But for some reason now, the BATFE has deemed this a bad thing because P80 sells a kit that has all of the parts in it to make a functioning gun, even though you CANNOT put it together until the frame is finished. Why? Because it's NOT A GUN.

But, ya know, if I were to buy a P80 frame from them and then a slide from someone like Lone Wolf that would be totally fine?

I'm not even going to go into the pistol brace thing taking place right now. This mess is going to get worse. Even if he cannot get congress to act and get something to pass, which he hopefully can't, he can sign an executive order (EO) making people of guns he doesn't like, like AR-15s, criminals with the stroke of a pen.

No matter what your take on presidential executive order actually is, it causes some problems for us in the short term.

What I mean, is that even if you and I don't follow suit and do what they demand of us, the gun and ammo companies will have to in order to avoid legal battles and go out of business (think Remington). If the the industry as a whole decides to listen to an executive order, that could really put a damper on our freedom for the next four years.

For example, Joe wants to ban the sale of online ammunition.

In the current climate that will make it nearly impossible for us to find and buy ammo for our boom sticks because most of us have zero luck in the brick and mortar stores.

This will make it very hard for us to defend ourselves appropriately from a singular attack, or one on a much larger scale.

Things are going to get bumpy, my friends. Now is a great time to stick together and make sure you've got enough ammo for the months and years ahead. Who knows what's in store for us.

The most important thing for us to do right now is to make sure we encourage all of the freedom lovers we know in Georgia to go out and vote for pro-gun senate candidates so we only have to worry about executive orders being shoved down our throat, and not actual laws that are passed by congress.

Then when/if a pro-gun president gets into office all he or she will have to do is remove the EO from existence.

Finally, in an attempt to beat someone to the punch because someone always says this: No I'm not fear mongering. I'm simply stating what is coming out of the mouths of presidents number 46 and 47. What do I mean with the 46 and 47?

Biden is in no health to be leading the free world and will likely be removed and replaced. He's number 46, Harris would take his place and she'd be 47.

I mean, he broke his foot while pulling his dog's tail in the shower for crying out loud.

There is seriously something wrong there.

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One Response to My Thoughts on This Mess We’re In

  1. Mark Gardner December 17, 2020 at 2:57 pm #

    Very good article. It’s so true and so worrisome if idiots are allowed to be our rulers. Keep up the good work and pro 2nd amendment and we will just have to fight it if it happens.

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