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Vertx Announces New Concealed Carry Shirt

In a rare instance, a company has actually offered up something that is actually, at least to me, a new design. Granted, I can't know all products out there, so if there is such a thing please feel free to correct me in the comments. This time around Vertx has designed a polo shirt that has a bit of sewn in material to reduce chaffing of skin caused by your concealed carry firearm that's designed to be tucked into your pants, but not look like you're wearing an undershirt. They had this to say in the Press Release sent to me:

“Abrasion to the skin is a real problem for concealed carriers and wearing additional layers is not always an
option,” said Justin Roberts, Vertx Brand Manager. “Our line of WeaponGuard™ shirts was designed in
collaboration with end-users to develop a solution to this common challenge.”

They also claim that their 37.5 Technology helps to keep the wearer cool, while the WeaponGuard (the part sewn into the shirt starting at the lower chest) keeps your skin comfortable by not allowing your concealed firearm to come into contact with it. This layer that replaces undershirts starts just below the chest so it's less conspicuous that you're wearing an undershirt.

While I'm not sure that part matters because I know plenty of folks who don't carry with an undershirt, I'm going to sign up to test one of these out because I sweat a lot and need to see if this thing does actually assist in keeping my core body temperature in line, or if this is a claim that won't hold up to scrutiny. The new shirts (pictured above) look to start at $55, which causes an issue for EDC, in that you need multiple shirts to fill a wardrobe if you're actually carrying the way you practice.

Here is a list of said features:

  •  Comms loop on the inside of back collar and wire pass-throughs in front and back of underlayer
  •  No roll collar for consistent, clean look
  •  Modern, low-profile design for blending into any environment
  •  Loop on front placket for mic or glasses
  •  Underarm gusset for freedom of movement
  •  Wrinkle resistant
  •  Athletic fit
  •  Constructed for ease of clearing and drawing a concealed firearm
  •  Longer, semi-compression layer to remain tucked in

What do you think about this new concealed carry shirt from Vertx? To learn more information on their new release, check out there website, here.

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