SHOT Show 2020 Range Day Highlights

Laugo Arms Alien

We're out at SHOT Show 2020, and yesterday we spent the day shooting guns out at Industry Day. After taking it all in and shooting A LOT of different guns throughout the day, I've got a short list of what I liked the most.

Colt Python –

I've been saying for a while that Colt would bring back the Python as others said I was crazy. The trigger on the Colt Python is absolutely the best double action revolver trigger I've ever felt – ever.

That coupled with the fact that they pretty much said that they would be releasing a 3″ model at some point in the near future, is a winner.

Glock 44 –

The G44 really surprised me. I thought for sure it was going to be a bust and a waste of time. However, after shooting it I can say that my fears were false. It's actually a lot of fun to shoot with ergonomics that you're familiar with if you're already shooting one of Glock's pistols.

Even better, those who choose to buy the G44 will be able to shoot on the cheap. I was speaking to Jacob while at the range, and I believe the word he used, was “balsey” when describing Glock's venture into making a gun around an unreliable caliber because Glock, themselves, are based around reliability.

Ruger 57 –

The Ruger 57 was a lot of fun to shoot in a caliber that many gun owners have been pleading for since FN first released it. This gun felt great in hand and was really lightweight.

Alien –

I'm not really sure what to say about this one, other than the people who made it are a lot smarter than I am. When they broke it down and I looked at the inside I was truly blown away.

This was a new gun for me and I wasn't entirely sure what to think the first time I saw it, but it is an incredibly flat shooting pistol.

Diamondback DBX –

This was the highlight for me and a few other people I spoke to afterward. This is another gun this year that was released in 5.7X28, signifying that market research is really leaning toward this caliber getting ready to pick up even more than it already has.

It's our hope that more ammunition manufacturers pick this caliber up to continue driving the price down. So far this year, there has been a new release of ammo from Speer Gold Dot, and we're hoping that it ups the terminal ballistics of this round.

Our SHOT Show coverage is just getting started so make sure you stay tuned for more each day.

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