Shot Show 2019: Kel-Tec’s KS7 Shotgun and CP33 .22 Pistol

KS7 Photo: Kel-Tec

Riley Bowman is out at Shot Show 2019 checking in on Kel-Tec who has released their latest innovation in their series of bullpup shotguns.

The KS7 is essentially the Glock 48 of the KSG line. The shotgun has been paired down to only a single magazine tube rather then the double magazines of the original KSG.

This reduces the overall footprint of the shotgun, making it slimmer, and reduces the weight to a mere 5.9 lbs. compared to the 7 lbs. weight of the Remington 870 Express Tactical.

Lovers of the KSG will know part of its allure is the ability to switch between magazine tubes allowing the shooter to quickly alternate between different types of shells.

The double magazines also allowed for a staggering total of 14 shells to be carried within the weapon.

 While both the ability to select differing shells is lost and the capacity is reduced, the shotgun still boasts an impressive 8 shell capacity. 2 more then the Remington 870 Express Tactical.

The bullpup size of the KS7 puts the overall length at 26.1” compared to that of the 870 at 38.5”

The slimmer size of this ‘single stack’ shotgun, helps it to better fit the role of an easier to stow away weapon such as a truck gun.

If you are interested in changing to a longer barrel or magazine tube, the KS7 is equipped to do so quickly. Kel-Tec plans on producing magazine extensions in 2 round increments.

Perhaps most notably in appearance changes, is the large carry rail attached to the top of the KS7's 18.5 inch barrel. It features M-LOK slots for the attachment of the required accessories and a front bead-style sight.

The rail is optional however if you decide you'd like an even lower profile weapon. A picatinny rail can be affixed in it's place to mount an optic or other accessories.

The KS7 has a reasonable MSRP of $495.

Kel-Tec also introduced their latest variant of the PMR30, the CP33, chambered in .22 LR. The pistol features the classic outside-the-box design Kel-Tec is known for and looks a bit like a Star Wars blaster.

CP33 Photo: Kel-Tec

The pistol has a number of features showing Kel-Tec's dedication to detail and built to allow the immediate attachment of suppressors and optics.

But perhaps most notably, the CP33 has a 33 round magazine capacity. Making it harder to get in those states with high-cap magazine bans.

Although intended for competition, the CP(Competition Pistol)33 is sure to be a popular choice for “can plinkers” as well.

After firing it at Shot Show Media Range Day, Riley reports the pistol,

“Shoots like a dream.”

MSRP of the CP33 is $475.

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