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Shield Arms Increased Capacity Magazine

One of the most innovative, “duh, why hasn't anyone else done that” ideas to come out in the few months leading up to SHOT Show 2020, is the Shield Arms increased Capacity Glock magazine. Jacob was able to get an interview with these guys, who told us how they came up with the idea to squeeze as much capacity out of Glock as possible.

These Glock mags are for the 43X and 48, and are a 15 round capacity flush fit mag. They were able to get the extra rounds in there by removing the unnecessary plastic from the Glock mags, and just use steel. Because they used just the one material, they were able to create extra space inside the mag without changing its actual dimensions.

You can check out Jacob's interview from the SHOT Show floor, here:

They are currently out of stock, but are expecting to be back in stock again in February. Though, if last time was any indicator, I don't expect them to be in stock for very long so make sure you visit their page often to make sure you can get your hands on a couple of these.

They retail for $39.99, which seems expensive for a magazine, but increased capacity that has proven reliable so far can only help.

For more information you can learn about the Shield Arms Magainzes, and other products they produce, by visiting their website, here.

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  1. David Dominiecki January 28, 2020 at 4:28 pm #

    I am a lefty and have 2 magazines. The only drawback is they are not ambi. I found these to be such a benefit that I have since went back to dropping the magazine with my middle finger.

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