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Licensed GA Woman in MA Shoots Dog After Being Attacked, Gets Arrested

This is NOT one of the dogs, but a stock photo we had on hand.

The news story is below, but I want to dedicate a few paragraphs to something really quick:

We've often said that it's not a good idea to travel to places where you could get into some serious trouble for owning your firearm. This is a touchy subject for us because on one hand we believe in the fundamental right to self-defense in all states within the Union.

The problem is that some states, like Massachusetts, don't agree with that fundamental right. You've therefore got three choices if you live in a state that issues a concealed carry permit and want to travel to a state that's not gun friendly:

  1. Don't visit those states at all
  2. Visit unarmed
  3. Take your chances and go with your gun

We'd never tell you to break the law and instead always advise people to not go to those states if you want to be sufficiently armed for self-defense.

I live my own life by the same rules.

For example, I have family in New Jersey and New York. I don't see them much because I refuse to give either of those states my money by visiting and I feel naked without my firearm. I just don't go.

There are plenty of people who do take those chances, however, and sometimes we unfortunately hear about it. I say “unfortunately” like that because those are the people usually made into examples for us.

They get into trouble.

From time to time we see people who do take the chance to travel to these horrid states armed. Living by the sentiment, “better to be judged by a jury than carried in a coffin” they take their concealed carry guns with them.

While I'm sure there are many people out there who don't get caught, you have to at least take into consideration what you'll do if you are caught behind enemy lines with a gun.

Oftentimes coming up right around this point in the conversation is something like this: “well, concealed is concealed right? How would they ever know?”

My guess is that you're not carrying your gun to leave it on your hip if you're attacked. If you were ever attacked and felt that a reasonable person would draw their gun and fire, guess who no longer has a concealed firearm?

We assume that the lady who is the ultimate topic of this article had the same reasons. As we found out, she has a permit to carry in Georgia. What follows is what we know about her story:

One day last week at about 2:45 PM, a woman was in a home when she was attacked by two dogs. We don't know who the home belongs to, who the dogs belonged to, the breed of dogs they were, if anyone else was present, or any other details about the home.

One of the dogs ended up dying, and the other was unharmed, and it's being reported that both dogs were known to the Springfield Animal Control's dangerous dog list and had both been previously reported for biting someone.

The attack was bad enough that the woman had to go to the hospital for serious, but non life-threatening injuries but here's the real kicker: She was arrested for having a gun being that she was licensed to carry in Georgia, but not Massachusetts.

As far as I know, Massachusetts does not recognize a permit to carry from any state and, even though she'd likely be fine in her home state, in the same country, she's facing gun charges in a different state.

Now, we don't know if the lady knew she was in violation Massachusetts' state laws when she brought her firearm, or if she somehow thought she was okay because she was a law abiding citizen in her own state.

But as it turns out, she felt as though the only way to make it out of being attacked by two dogs, with their own records, was to draw her gun and shoot at them. And now, because of that, she's facing some serious charges. Yes, she's alive, but her life just got a whole lot messier.

What I can say with absolute certainty, is that you knowing the laws in the states you're traveling to is really important. I mean, it's the difference between going to jail, or not.

I want to recommend a resource to you that is called Legal Boundaries By State. It's an excellent tool that many traveling concealed carriers have put in their toolbox to keep them out of trouble.


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5 Responses to Licensed GA Woman in MA Shoots Dog After Being Attacked, Gets Arrested

  1. Frank June 14, 2020 at 8:55 pm #

    Is it legal to carry a handgun through a state that does not recognize your states concealed carry permit, if you keep said hand gun within your own domicile (car or camper) but not on your person when leaving your car or camper? Many have told me that was a fine, when passing through those enemy states. Just never step out of the car or camper with the weapon on your person. What’s your thoughts on this.

    • CJ June 17, 2020 at 12:02 pm #

      I just took the class for my UTAH non resident permit and the instructor confirmed that as long as the weapon was kept in a lock box with ammo separate, you could travel through the state. I personally would want to ask law enforcement or obtain legal counsel prior to visiting the state.

  2. Paul Smeltzer June 15, 2020 at 8:39 am #

    Poor Lady only trying to protect herself

  3. FRANK NUSS June 17, 2020 at 6:28 pm #


  4. DH June 18, 2020 at 11:47 am #

    I have a concealed carry license and I never go, or will go, to any state that will not accept my carry license.

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