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Gun Control Paradise of Boston, Massachusetts Ends Its Halloween with the Shooting Death of a 16-Year-Old

Boston Massachusetts Halloween Shooting

Once again, we have the sad obligation to report on a Halloween shooting that took place this year. This time the victim is a 16-year-old boy and the place just so happens to be in one of the most so-called “Gun Control” heavy states of Massachusetts.

Boston Police are reporting that at around 11:45 PM on Halloween night this year, they responded to the call of a shooting in the city's Jamaica Plain neighborhood. When police arrived they came upon the grisly scene of a 16-year-old boy, whose name has not yet been released to the press, bleeding profusely on the ground from multiple gunshot wounds.

Responders attended to the young boy quickly and he was on his way to the hospital, but the wounds proved to be too much for him to handle and doctors were unable to save him.

While this was happening police set up a perimeter to figure out just what came about that cost this young man his life. Apparently, he was a part of an argument that took place between two groups of teenagers. However, when the groups were interviewed about the shooting, police reported that both sides were unwilling to cooperate with the investigation.

So once again we see a state with very stringent gun laws hit the news. This is not to say that the 16-year-old would have been able to properly go down the path to getting his concealed carry permit, but it does point out the hypocrisy and downright stupidity of equating gun control with gun safety. We talk a lot about criminals getting their hands on guns regardless of the law and this is definitely a case of that.

Maybe it's time to stop thinking that there is an invisible bulletproof shield around states that pass such restrictive gun regulations and accept that criminals will always have a way to hurt others. Therefore, the need to protect ourselves and our children shall not be infringed. It is time to truly allow the Constitutional Right to Carry that we are all due.

What do you think of this story? Do you live behind enemy lines in an anti-gun state? Let us know how safe you feel being there in the comments below.


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