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Five Recent Defensive Gun Uses

If our opponents had their way, they'd have everyone believing that guns are these evil items that are only used to kill people. They say, guns are designed for one purpose–to kill, and to maximize the rate at which death can take place.

It's not my goal with this article to prove that wrong, or to push forth my own agenda, as I've been accused of in the past. Instead, my goal with this article is simple: Show the world how guns can be used for good by decent people who want to protect life, not necessarily take it.

In case you didn't k now, we have a guy, named Brian, who has the job to find what we call “defensive gun uses.” After he finds them, he writes a news story about each one he has time to, and publishes it on one of our 50 different state websites.

Some states have more than others, after all, there aren't many gun owners in Hawaii. Then again, there are a lot of gun owners in Texas. You'll therefore find more stories on, and other similar states like where I live,

He is good at his job because these sorts of things are not reported on the same way regular stories are. We each have our own ideas as to why this is, but suffice it to say that in addition to other duties, he writes at least two DGU stories each day, and he's just one guy.

Here are a few words from his latest one (Typos not ours, direct quotes):

It was one of those situation, I wasn’t going to let him kill all of us, the mother told WLKY. I wasn’t even thinking about me at that point. I was thinking about my child. Before we could get on the highway, I had a choice between all of us dying or defending myself and my son. I grabbed a gun and I shot him. – Find that story here.

And another one that took place in Ohio with an elderly man holding a returned burglar at gunpoint:

Now facing a loaded pistol and ordered to get on the floor, Gaffney attempted to explain away the reason he was standing in McGown’s living room during the early hours of the morning, but the homeowner wasn’t buying it. – Find the rest of that story here.

This next story is a bit different from the others in that this was a robbery that got physical, with the burglar buttstroking the homeowners until they were able to properly defend themselves:

Officers soon uncovered why Nowinski chose this particular residence, to steal a safe he knew was in the home.

Nowinski forced his way inside and began attempting to intimidate the residents, striking three people with the butt of his shotgun before someone got to a gun and shot him in the chest. – You can read the rest of this one here.

Robberies in stores are not uncommon. This is even more true in the cell phone store the next story takes place in. Crime is so common in this Philly store that there is a police logbook to keep track. This one ended in the death of the burglar:

The video shows an unidentified man wearing a hoodie enter the store at exactly 4:03 p.m. and pull out a semi-automatic pistol. He shows the weapon to the employee and tosses a crumpled-up bag onto the counter, reportedly telling the clerk to fill it with smart phones. – Read the rest of this story here.

Finally, we have the argument for the infamous saying, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In this last story for this article, a neighbor hears screams and goes to find a woman lowering children onto the ground from the second floor in an attempt to flee domestic violence. The neighbor helps the children escape, and the aggressor comes out and starts to shoot at the neighbor:

The unidentified Good Samaritan attempted to deescalate the situation, but according to Sheriff Nocco, the suspect, “… wasn’t having anything to do with it.”

The suspect pulled a gun and began to shoot at the neighbor, who drew is own gun and returned fire, killing the suspect.

It's my goal to publish an article highlighting a few of the defensive gun use stories Brian publishes each week on the various state sites that we have to illustrate just how often these things take place. Feel free to share with your friends, on your Facbook, Twitter, or whatever you use to help get the word out there that guns save lives.

Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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