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Facing the Reality From the Orlando Shooting


Once again, we wake up to see another violent incident where a maniacal subject kills numbers of civilians. The Orlando nightclub shooting should remind us that violence rarely comes when we are expecting it. This incident, like so many others was not a result of a robbery, or a personal, targeted attack from a scorned or revengeful acquaintance. This was an evil act, committed by someone with no value for human life, with the sole agenda of causing death and injury to as many people as possible, for a specific personal reason. These incidents are particularly appealing to evil people, because of their ability to gain notoriety or bring attention to their cause. Do these driving factors sound familiar? They should, because they closely mirror the actual definition of terrorism. Now, because this event in Orlando is less than 24 hours old, all the information surrounding the motive of the pile of garbage who committed the act is not entirely known. It may be revealed, and it is my initial, gut feeling that there is some connection to organized Islamic terrorism, but at this point we just don’t know exactly. However, I will clearly say this IS TERRORISM. Any time our way of life is attacked because of a different ideology, it is terrorism. People on both ends of the political spectrum should be equally disgusted by this act. BUT, it is how we respond to this act that is important.

Some will seize on this event (like other similar events) to drive home the fact that firearms are evil, and if it weren't for guns, this event would not have happened. I guess if guns had never been invented by the Chinese back in the 13th century this event may not have happened. However, given that the firearm was invented, and been used to secure freedom, we must live in the reality of today.

The reality that there are firearms available and easily manufacturers no matter what the law says about ownership or manufacturing. Some might say, “We need more gun laws to ensure these things never happen again!” In a free society, there is no law that can stop someone from doing wrong if he or she choses to do so.

We can't look at this event and say, “How do we stop this from happening,” because there will always be evil people doing evil things in the world. We have to say, “How can we be better prepared to limit the evil that people can impose on innocent civilians?”

This can only be done by better taking individual responsibility for our safety. As a former police officer, believe me, cops want to help. But, there are only so many resources available and limitations to what the police can actually do. In an event like this, time is critical. The longer this dirtbag is alive, the longer he will continue inflicting injury and death. Having one, two or more responsibly armed citizens likely would have at least limited the amount of death and injury this animal was able to inflict. It is for this reason that putting up a sign prohibiting possession of firearms by law abiding citizens is such a terrible and dangerous notion. We all know signs do not stop criminals from breaking the law. In fact, signs don't stop most people from breaking the law. Speed limit signs are more of a recommendation, right? How many people follow speed limit signs to the exact letter? This is just one example of why these things don't work. These mass casualty events almost exclusively happen in “gun free zones.“ I put the term “gun free” in quotation marks because they apparently are only gun free for people abiding by the law, and not truly “gun free.”

Let's focus on becoming our family's and our own first responders and protect each other. Keep training and stay proficient in self protection. Additionally, we have to remain engaged in the legal maneuvers affecting our 2nd amendment rights. Educate those around us with rational facts. Stay safe and remain vigilant.

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6 Responses to Facing the Reality From the Orlando Shooting

  1. Matt Mitchell June 13, 2016 at 6:36 am #

    How right you are! There’s much that could be spoken on in your post but here’s a couple thoughts. I was amazed how many immediate posts on social media that started touting this as a vengeful person out to get the lgtb community. Like it was a home grown issue. Quickly as the information started to become known it was purely a terrorist attack on our society and those posts have diasappered. Though I’m not in agreement with that lifestyle it doesn’t mean I carry to inflict bodily harm on someone else who doesn’t agree with me on whatever level unless they intend on killing me. I have no problem saying I would defend myself and any others around me if I was ever put in that situation.

    Now not knowing all the states laws and or ordinances I’m not sure if this could have been prevented. The updated laws here in NC allow you to carry in establishments that serve alcohol but your permit says you can’t consume. I think there are some very good logical reasons not to have a gun if there’s a possiblity to be impaired no different than driving. I think many that could carry but because of the possibility that they might have a beer just to fit in and the ramifications that come with that precludes them from doing so. Case in point, I was at a recent convention and being there were multiple venues and later networking while at bars, I was not armed. I was very aware and watched my surroundings during this time but knew if someone choose that place in time to be the BG that if I could not retreat or have safe cover there was no hope.

    I really appreciate this forum/podcast and thank Jason, Riley for taking time to get this group going and for Matthew’s relevant posts for us to reflect one.

    Semper Fi


    • Matthew June 13, 2016 at 9:19 am #

      Matt, thank you so much for such a thoughtful response. I agree with you 100% about intoxicants and firearms. They never go together in my opinion. In fact, I will not even drink alcohol (let alone become drunk) outside of my home, because I want to always have my mind clear in order to protect my family. Just a decision I made, and probably has something to do with older age and having a child.

      Glad I am able to be a part of this forum and help enlighten and empower Americans to become the initial line of protection for themselves, their families and a resource in future incidents like this. We need more well trained and responsible citizenry. After all, it is “necessary to the security of a free state” right?

  2. Richard June 18, 2016 at 6:08 pm #

    The most dangerous places in America are “Gun Free ” zones…

  3. Debby Owen June 18, 2016 at 8:58 pm #

    I agree, we need more responsibly armed citizens. I think one reason other countries refrain from invading us is because of the large number of gun owners in our country. They know they would be met with formidable force.

  4. Charles Vuillemot June 19, 2016 at 7:56 am #

    Most state’s CCW laws prohibit carrying in establishments serving alcoholic beverages. In my opinion, changing these laws where a “Designated Carrier” who does not consume any booze would be allowed to carry and be a first line of defense in a “Terrorist” situation would help to alleviate more people being killed in these types of situations. Write, call, e-mail or visit your Senators and Representatives urging them to change these laws in your state, if applicable, with this stipulation added.

    • Matthew June 19, 2016 at 11:31 am #

      I agree Charles, but I would go a step farther, and make a provision to allow legal carrying as long as the person is not consuming alcohol, no matter if the establishment serves alcohol or not. For example, Ohio used to not allow legal carry inside any establishment that was licensed to sell alcohol. So family restaurants that had a bar (almost every restaurant these days) fell into this category. So even me, as someone who does not drink alcohol in public would be barred from carrying, simply because someone else wanted to have a drink. Ohio, changed the law to allow it as long as the person is not consuming (which in my mind is quite reasonable and responsible). Thanks for the feedback, great point!

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