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Atlanta Child Finds Handgun, Mother Thoughtlessly Proves It’s Real by Firing a Round

Loaded Gun Child Atlanta

At the Lenox Square Shopping Center's Adidas store in Atlanta, Georgia it is rare to find a toy gun on the premises, considering they aren't sold at shoe stores. That's why when an 8-year-old boy found a “toy gun” in the store, his mother was quite curious. However, the curiosity nearly led to a dangerous disaster.

As the child's mother saw him with the gun, she decided to walk up to it, and strangely enough attempted to prove it was not real. The way she thought to do this was to pull the trigger of the gun.

Well, as it turned out, the firearm was not a toy at all. Rather, it was a loaded .22 caliber handgun.

So when the mother squeezed the trigger in an attempt to prove the firearm was a fake, a very real round exited the barrel and hit a store wall, thankfully missing any other customer.

The local police were called to the scene and besides dealing with a shocked mother and child, were thankfully not stepping onto a grim crime scene.

According to reports from the mall, there was no further drama following the incident.

“Lenox Square management and the store involved are working closely with the Atlanta Police Department to share any information that may be helpful…Lenox Square is committed to providing a safe, quality shopping environment for our guests and employees. We are thankful that there were no injuries as a result of this isolated incident.”

Now while this incident ended about as well as it could given the circumstances, it does speak to the fact that firearm knowledge can save lives. This family wasn't planning to own a gun or shoot a gun that day, and from the way the mother acted, it is likely that they are hardly ever around guns. But situations such as this do occur, and if there is a chance that you or your children will ever be around firearms, it is the smart thing to do for both yourself and your family to be in the know about handling them.

Even if there aren't any gun-owning plans in your future, having the proper knowledge may help avoid incidents such as this and can teach your child a valuable lesson about the fragility of life and death so that he or she may avoid a potentially fatal accident.

And if you are the adult in this situation, a little bit of studying on this subject might teach you to NEVER test if a gun is real or not by pulling the trigger. In fact, you should do as the gun safety rules imply, keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire.

What do you think of this negligent discharge story? Do you know anyone who might make this mistake? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Atlanta Child Finds Handgun, Mother Thoughtlessly Proves It’s Real by Firing a Round

  1. Matthew Maruster August 28, 2017 at 3:37 pm #

    Tremendously irresponsible conduct of the mother, and equally disturbing negligence on the part of the previous owner of the handgun. Every time I catch myself saying ‘no one is stupid enough to do ____’ I think of stories like these, and remember to never underestimate the towering levels of stupidity that people can achieve.

  2. LM September 26, 2017 at 9:35 pm #

    Kudos for presenting this as a lesson. but let’s keep in mind the same kind of potentially injurious or lethal idiocy happens with parents “demonstrating” power tools, axes, knives, cars etc

    i was an EMT for quite a while. my very first call was a guy who killed himself falling from a ladder cleaning a gutter. I’ve seen fingers cut fully off in delis where people are in fact trained on using knives, seen every possible manner of accidental serious injury or death from people doing home repair, seen plenty of broken hips and death from stairs, seen eyes put out by every object (except never seen one actually put out by a BB gun!)

  3. Monroe Parsons June 14, 2018 at 6:28 pm #

    I missed the part where the woman was arrested for reckless discharge of a firearm and the child turned over to child services. What is the problem Atlanta?

  4. Jeff February 9, 2020 at 7:01 am #

    One should never discharge a firearm in this situation….she should have either called store management or discreetly put it in her purse and examined it at home.

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