Fear of Taking Action in The Moment of Truth

This is one part in our series of articles about reasons why those with a concealed carry permit stop carrying concealed. Please visit this introductory post to learn more about this series of articles.


Did you stop carrying concealed because you were concerned with your mental and emotional ability to take action when the situation calls for it? If so, you are far more normal than you may think. I don't know any concealed carry holders that are looking for a fight and want to take people's lives. If you respect the sanctity of life and question your ability to take action you are normal and shouldn't feel bad about that. The truth, is that to some degree we all have parts of us that are wolf, sheep, and sheepdog in varying degrees. It just takes the right set of circumstances for you to bring out the sheepdog inside of you. When those circumstances arise you don't want to be without the tools to respond.

Remember that you are under no obligation to act. You do not have to be a hero, rushing into every confrontation to help the good guys and stop the bad guys. Your number one reason for carrying that firearm is for your own survival and that of your dearest loved ones. Nothing more.

Don't doubt your own ability and instinct for survival. When it really comes down to it, if the situation were bad enough, you would act. Think back on the original feelings that led you to buy that handgun and get your permit in the first place. Has anything really changed? Do you have less to lose now than you did then?

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