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Episode 32: How Your Brain Could Get You Killed

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We are all adult humans who understand that firearms can be dangerous and yet a study showed that even among shooters at a gun range who all knew the firearm rules and thought they were important; only 20% of the shooters followed all the rules at all times. We explain the key barrier that prevents us from being able to follow the rules even when we want to…

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Today’s episode is sponsored by our Online Concealed Carry Refresher Class – Our surveys suggest that most students can only retain about 10% of the information shared in a standard concealed carry class even after a few weeks. Our online concealed carry class will give you a strong reminder of all the most important principles while also qualifying you to get the Virginia Non-Resident permit which is good in 29 states. Check it out at

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One Response to Episode 32: How Your Brain Could Get You Killed

  1. james Alexander July 10, 2016 at 11:45 am #

    What do you think about the black man who got killed by the police officer, after the black man told the officer He had a gun and a permit to carry. I am a retired officer and I have stopped over 10 motorist who were armed and I always had them keep they hand on the steering wheel, after they said they had a gun.Then I would ask them where is the weapon? If it was on them or in the vehicle. But I never shot them because I heard the word “GUN”.
    I do not know what the officer said to the man but his girlfriend said the officer asked for his ID and then shot him when he went to get it.

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