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TW Kydex Holster Review [VIDEO]

TW Holster

Another Ohio based company producing quality, extremely affordable concealed carry holsters, is a company known as TW Holsters. This particular one is a leather/kydex hybrid that comes with either one or two clip options depending on what fits best on your body.

One of my favorite aspects about this holster, which I carried exclusively for about two years, is that the kydex used is nice and thick, which securely holds the firearm in place. They make holsters for a large number of firearms and offer a lifetime guarantee with it.

Another thing that's great about this one, where some companies drop the ball, are the belt clips. The clips are all-metal and very strong, providing great retention to your clothing. And, something I couldn't really show you in the below video, which is a great feature on their 2-clip design, is that this concealed carry holster can be carried IWB or OWB, because it has belt loops cut into the leather.

Finally, these holsters are hand crafted in the states with fast shipping! TW Holsters is one of my go-to methods of carrying my concealed gun. Here is the full video review, along with me showing from the draw:

If you like this one, you can Order one here.

For even more holster reviews, make sure you check out our comprehensive list of the best concealed carry holsters available right now. And, if you have ever tried one of these holsters, or would like to suggest a holster for me to do an evaluation on, make sure you leave a comment below.

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  1. Jerry May 8, 2017 at 6:55 am #

    I am looking for one that will hold a 45 with a strap to hold the gun above the triger

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