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Truly Custom Grips For Your 1911 – Wicked Grips [REVIEW]

What happens when a guy who is a firearm enthusiast is also a heck of an artist, decides to produce aftermarket grips for firearms?  You get a company like Wicked Grips.  The founder, Ed Strange wanted to produce hand made grips that were more than just a replacement for your factory grips, but rather a piece of unique art.  For the past 12 years, he has  custom-1911-handgun-wicked-grips-eagle-1-578x578  been producing these high quality pieces of art for several different types of firearms.  While the shop is probably most known for producing killer grips for 1911's, Wicked Grips also produces grips for Beretta's, Sig's, revolvers as well as grips and hand guards for AR-15's.  To say these grips are a piece of artwork really doesn't do them justice.

Not only are they truly hand made, but Wicked Grips produces a limited quantity of certain designs to ensure that you will not have a mass produced grip for your favorite handgun, but rather a unique addition to accent your firearm.

Wicked Grips doesn't only create killer artwork for their grips, they also use the highest quality wood, damascus steel and fasteners to ensure they not only look good but hold up under use.  The grips I tested out were their ‘1911 Full-size Standard Graphic Art Eagle' model.  You can immediately tell these are not mass produced.  The graphics on the grip continue around to the back side.  These grips are very solid and have a nice heavy weight to them.  Even the packaging is unique.  The custom-1911-officer-model-wicked-grips-set-201-578x578grips come packaged and wrapped carefully in a metal tin.  The detail is superb and they are refined in a way that makes you feel like they were made specifically for you.  The finish is tough and smooth on these grips.  While some people prefer a textured, aggressive grip, I liked the feel of these in the hand.  The grips completely changed the look and feel of the gun and seriously turn heads.  It seems EVERYONE seeing the firearm with these grips installed HAS to ask about them!  With all this custom work and detail you would think it would cost a fortune to buy a set for your firearm.  While they are more expensive than a grips made of G10 material, they are not out of line with other high end wood grip manufacturing companies.  And why stop at just custom grips?  Wicked Grips has some killer accessories to complete the custom look of your 1911.  With custom screws and spring plugs, you can make your firearm a one of a kind show stopper.  Swing by their web page and take a look at wicked-grips-winged-cross-2-578x578their designs.  Wicked Grips is an American, small business success story that sticks to the principles of hand crafted perfection rather than a mass produced product focused solely on profit.

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2 Responses to Truly Custom Grips For Your 1911 – Wicked Grips [REVIEW]

  1. Michael W Proctor February 4, 2019 at 4:21 pm #

    I would not purchase the emerald screws from these people. 3 of the 4 that I purchased actually fell out of their settings. I don’t know what kind of adhesive they use but they need to change it.

    • Matthew Maruster February 6, 2019 at 8:59 am #

      That is really unfortunate to hear. Have you contacted them about it?

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