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SHOP Talk: Holster Mistakes

On this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley goes into depth on some of the more common concealed carry holster mistakes that he sees.

Chief among these mistakes, is that the hand doesn't get a full shooter's grip on the gun during the drawstroke. Whenever this happens, if your goal is to successfully put rounds on target or an attacker, you'd have to re-adjust your grip if at all possible to get a proper hold on your gun.

This is bad for what I hope to be at least one obvious reason, which is time. When you're in the fight for you life one thing you don't have much of is time.

If you have to take up some of that precious time to correct yourself, even if just a few tenths of a second, in the fight for your life that's too long–especially if you could have gotten a better shooter's grip from the draw.

If you don't re-adjust your grip and shoot poorly (which may be your only option depending on your situation), you can have any number of issues plaguing your accuracy. Or, you could inadvertently cause a malfunction as you're shooting.

A poor grip could cause a stovepipe malfunction, giving you a whole other can of worms to fix before you can continue shooting.

The concealed carry (or open carry if that's your thing) holster of choice must allow you to get a proper shooter's grip from the draw to mitigate this and is often times one of the biggest culprits preventing it.

More than that, however is that we all need to be practicing. In this episode, Riley also shows you how he draws his gun using specific indexing points and practice to get the gun out properly each time, what he looks for in a holster, and a few other pitfalls and mistakes he sees on a regular basis.

You can watch the video, here:

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