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JM4 Tactical Blazen Holster Review

jm4 tactical blazen review

Our good friends over at JM4 Tactical have recently released a new magnetic retention holster, and I was able to get my hands on one before they were actually released to test one out, and of course, write this review. If there is one thing I've come to expect with JM4, it's high quality leather holsters and belts.

This holster is no different.

Let's take a look at the newest addition to the leather IWB (inside the waistband) series.

Blazen Materials:

This holster, called “Blazen,” is stitched together using thick, quality threads and as always, only the best leather is used. As usual, the leather is Hermann Oak Grade A and is available in three different colors:

  • Tan
  • Black
  • Brown

For this holster, it's a little different for them in that I think this is the first time they've ever incorporated a metal clip to fasten the holster/gun to your belt. I have to say that I'm not normally the biggest fan of metal clips because they can be damaging to my shirts if they happen to get pinched in there.

Here's a close up of the side with the clip.

I have not experienced this shirt damage with this holster and the clip is so strong that I doubt it will happen–which is a plus.

I've got some (minimal because of the pandemic) time with this holster out around town and have worn it plenty around my house and can say it is comfortable in the 3-5 o'clock positions.

I can also carry it in the appendix position when standing but struggle when sitting because I get in my own way.

I will say that it worked better for me than some of the others out on the market in the appendix position because it sits up higher than others, which is important if you're carrying a large belly around with you like I am.

But as I've often said, it's less about the size of my belly and more about the way my body bends in relation to the size of my belly.

If you buy one you'll have to tell me which position you carry it in because I'm curious.

Overall construction on the Blazen is fantastic, and it does seem like they've somehow inserted extra material to keep the mouth of the holster open for re-holstering.

However, after re-holstering the gun while still wearing the holster, I noticed that it's so tight that it pushes the slide out of battery ever so slightly. I can easily push it back in, but it's enough for me to only re-holster while it's off my body.

Magnetic Retention:

I stuck it upside down on my garage door, just to prove a point. Retention is fantastic.

The claim to fame for JM4 Tactical, besides just putting out quality products that, in my opinion, are second to none, is the magnetic retention. After all, the magnetic Quick, Click & Carry is what started it all for them.

That circular thing in that little pouch is the neodymium magnet.

If you were in the market for this type of holster in the past you'd settle for one that had no retention, or at least one that just relied on you cinching down your belt to provide extra security for your gun.

JM4 Tactical uses rare earth magnets that are, I believe, neodymium. They're super strong and are placed inside a pouch on the outside of the holster that is also stitched in, that act as retention devices.

They're very strong and do a great job of keeping your pistol where you put it and ensures it won't be going anywhere.

Here's another example of how strong the magnets they put in their holsters are, as I removed the gun (unloaded) and placed it just inside, not fully seated:

Please note that it was slowly sliding down the door, but did eventually stop. I assume that if the magazine was inserted and loaded it would have slid to the floor.


This is interesting. So, the holster I was sent has a sweat shield as can be seen. A sweat shield is usually meant to protect your skin from the gun, and the gun from your sweat. However, on their website you can see a version without the sweat shield in place.

I'm not exactly sure why there is a difference, but it could just be a difference in the holster sizes. I just thought you should be aware that, while mine has a sweat shield, yours might not depending on what you order.


The JM4 Tactical Blazen is a leather holster with magnetic retention and a metal clip that is of extreme quality. They make some of the nicest leather holsters I've seen. I've got a competitor's holster sitting here on my desk as I type this, and the two aren't even in the same league.

It does stay open quite nicely, but I'll still remove it for re-holstering purposes.

Then again, the JM4 Blazen commands a hefty price starting at $85 and changing depending on the color you choose. The competitor's holster can be found for right around half that. Do you get what you pay for?

Comparing these two to each other, yeah you get what you pay for.

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2 Responses to JM4 Tactical Blazen Holster Review

  1. William June 3, 2020 at 3:13 pm #

    I don’t have this holster yet, but you mentioned appendix position, have you tried to carry it in the 10 – 11(cross draw) position. Because I now do a lot of sitting I tried this and found it very easy to carry, draw when seated, and even standing. In a vehicle it is easier to get to, no seat belt in the way.

  2. Joe Shahoud June 7, 2020 at 7:37 am #

    Excellent, write up, Josh. You, actually, have peaked my interest. I am not a leather holster guy for the reasons this holster fixes. I am curious from those that are more slender how well it conceals in the appendix position. What I mean by that is, the Reckoning holster is one of my favorites for my P320, but the grip was not snug enough against my body to not print until I added the UltiClip Crux to the holster, which solved my problem. It’s now invisible on me. I’m curious how well this holster does with that.

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