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JM4 Tactical

The JM4 Tactical Quick Click & Carry is the original Magnetic Retention concealed carry holster  that works with any pants for any body type to comfortably carry all day concealed. Available for most guns you can use our firearm finder below and scroll down to learn more!

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What Makes The JM4 Tactical Magnetic Holster Different?

Any Clothes – Any Person: Most IWB holsters rely on one or more clips to attach themselves to your belt or clothing. This becomes restrictive for anyone who wears anything other than a strong belt with pants. JM4 uses an amazingly effective set of dual-purpose rare earth magnets click and clip onto any waistband so you can use it with shorts, sweats, activewear, yoga pants, or anything at all. Assuming the weight of the gun doesn't pull the pants down, the holster will securely connect itself to your pants via the magnet.

We all have different body shapes. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman you have a unique shape and unique needs for a holster. The Quick Click and Carry Holster is slim and doesn't take up space with a backer for clips or extra material for any purpose. Just exactly what is needed to comfortably carry concealed IWB with or without a belt.

Quick On and Off: No more trying to work clips or loops on or off your belt. The JM4 Magnetic Holster will quickly slide onto your pants and is ready to go. Ultimately you need a holster that is convenient so as to increase the odds of you having a firearm with you as part of an EVERY DAY CARRY system. That means everywhere you go all the time. No more leaving the gun at home when you go to the gym or run a quick errand.

Molded For Your Gun: The JM4 Original Tactical Holster comes in 21 unique sizes that collectively will fit hundreds of guns like a glove. What does that mean? It means that the gun will be properly seated so as to ensure SAFE carry by fully covering the trigger guard. It also means that the grip is not impeded by the holster itself preventing the shooter from acquiring a strong grip on the gun. (See our High Ride Model for even better grip acquisition)

There are also a number of models specifically sized to accommodate lasers and lights. Don't worry JM4 isn't prejudiced against revolvers either. This is your new revolver holster / laser holster / light accommodating holster!

The Magnet in the Magnetic Holster Has a Second Purpose – Retention: In addition to securing the holster to your pants, the magnets also retain the gun in the holster. Like safety features, good retention is a sign of a good holster. They choose magnets and designed the construction of the holster to place those magnets in the ideal place to create just the right amount of passive retention.

Everything That Is Good About a Leather Holster: These are made with two layers of stitched Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide that is PH balanced for extended contact with your gun. Only the highest quality holster materials are used. Hard plastic from injected molds are known to cause damage over time to a firearm's finish. Metal or plastic clips can scratch the gun and tear holes in your shirts. This quality leather holster has no sharp edges and no materials that could damage anything.

Available in 3 Varieties: See below the differences between the Original – High-Ride – and High-Ride Tuckable Holsters

WHICH JM4 Magnetic Holster Do You Need?

**To keep the holsters as comfortable as possible, they don’t apply a sealant to the black IWB holsters, therefore the color may bleed onto the skin or your clothing during the first couple uses. This will diminish after time.

6 reviews for JM4 Original Magnetic Quick Click Carry Holster

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality! This holster really holds my Pistol securely, it is obviously very stiff and tight fitting for drawing your pistol which I expected, but things should soften up somewhat after it is broken in and treated with a good quality leather conditioner. The magnetic clasp does a good job retaining the holster inside the wasteband without having to use a belt. I am so pleased with the quality of this holster that I ordered a second holster for my revolver.

  2. Donald Pennington (verified owner)

    Agree with first review. This is my first leather holster and I like it. My only complaint would be I would have preferred the interior leather to be slightly higher. The reason: I carry locked and cocked (Sig p238 or p938) and hammer rubs my body slightly. This not a huge deal breaker though. I LOVE THE MAGNETS! They work with every set of trousers, pants or shorts I own.

  3. Don Pennington (verified owner)

    The previous review should have been a 5 star. Would love to see this holster in an outside the waistband using magnets!!!

  4. Melissa M

    I’ve been using this holster for 5 months now with my Glock 26, the magnets are pretty strong! When I get into my vehicle I take it off and use it under my steering column and it holds without any issues and I can easily take it off and put it back inside my waistband. The retention is pretty sturdy I’ve shaken it upside down without my weapon falling out and I have had no issues with the holster coming off with the weapon when I draw.

  5. Earnest Fulcher (verified owner)

    I have been looking for the perfect holster for 40 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on hosters. Finally, I found what I considered to be the perfect hosters.. These are the best I’ve ever used. I’ve already ordered 6!

  6. Dennis M

    This is the perfect holster for me, though I should have ordered the higher carry model. I am putting that on my wish list for my next order.
    Try it, you’ll like it.

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