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Happy Birthday America Sale Review: The Load Out Range Bag

My mom collects purses. Expensive ones that carry big labels without much room for anything else. I mentioned to her once that a lot of my inheritance seemed to be going towards the purchases of these designer bags and nearly choked when she told me how much she paid for them.

“For that price, I sure hope they carry things real good ma,” I said grinning.

She snatched the bag out from under my hairy knuckles indignantly.

“That’s not the point, Brian.” She said rolling her eyes. Obviously, she’d had this same discussion with my father, and probably not that long ago. I could see in her eyes she knew exactly where I’d gotten my hairy knuckles.

I appear to have inherited my mother’s predilection for quality bags, but I have one caveat: They must carry things “real good.”

The Load Out Range Bag from Elite Survival Systems does just that and is available at an incredible 75% off during the Happy Birthday America Sale.

The Load Out boasts a perfect size (in my opinion) for use at the range. Too small and you don’t have enough room for everything you may want to bring, too large and it won’t fit on the pistol bay counter.

This bag sits at a comfortable 17”x10”x11” with numerous pockets both built into it and added via a large amount of hook and loop attachments to ensure the bag is set up the way you want it. It comes ready to store 8 pistol and 4 rifle mags, a removable MOLLE dump pouch for spent brass (or snacks), and a canteen pouch.

The front exterior of the bag features laser cut MOLLE webbing for the attachment of whatever pouches you desire. The laser cut slots of the webbing is nice to help prevent the bag from catching on everything as you get it out of your car since it lays flat against the bag.

This is also the perfect place to put a well-marked medical “blow-out kit.” While it’s always a good idea to have a medical kit nearby, it’s especially important to have one while at the range.

You may be a responsible gun owner, but there is no accounting for every knucklehead out there, and you’ll want your medical kit to be easily seen and accessible to everyone. It might be you who needs the trauma kit and you won’t want them having a hard time finding it.

The Loadout Range Bag is built to be a work horse, certainly. Constructed with heavy duty 1050 denier nylon, redundant stitching, and YKK zippers, it’s designed to stand up to years of abuse.

But it is also designed to carefully cradle your precious gear within the padded nest of its interior.

Every surface is protected to ensure there are no accidental scratches, and cushioned dividers to keep those safe queens separated from each other. The pullout pistol pouch has enough room for at least 2 full size smoke wagons, and an additional interior handgun compartment located at each end of the bag making a total of 4 pistols that can be carried securely.

The Load Out Range Bag includes a deep lift out tray for storage of ammo, a divider to keep things in it organized, a stout carry handle for lifting it all out of the bag, and luggage rails on the bottom to:

“… protect contents from harsh, uneven surfaces, keeps base of bag clean, and adds structure,” according to the Elite Survival website.

While I’m sure this is true, what interests me the most about this feature is that the bag will stay dry up out of the mud when I’m out training or shooting a match outdoors.

The Load Out Range Bag is available in both coyote tan and mandatory tactical black, and is sure to carry all your range gear, “real good.”

Normally retailing at $160.00, you can pick this rang bag up for an incredible 75% off ($39.99) during the Happy Birthday America Sale. There are only 15 available though, so get one while you can. This isn't something we carry, so after the sale they can be bought on their website, linked to above.

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