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Guardian Nation November 2019 Gearbox

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The November 2019 GN Gearbox is fantastic. This quarter we're putting the highest priced single item that we've shipped out to our Guardian Nation members, ever. We've been doing this for a few years now, and just one of the included items is a higher value than you'd pay for membership.

That one item is a $144.95 voucher for Elite Survival Systems (that's a link to the pack Jacob shows off in the below video) to use on any of the products in their store.

The total MSRP (retail value) of the gearbox for those of you who are GN members is over $168. And, we guarantee that each box will have a value of at least $116, which is what each member pays for a quarter to be a Guardian Nation Member.

Think about it like this, our Guardian Nation members paid $116 for the quarter, got access to all the training videos and other benefits (outlined below), and then got sent $145 to use on anything Elite Survival stocks in their store.

Membership seems kinda obvious to me.

More information on this month's gearbox can be found in the below video from company president, Jacob Paulsen.

Guardian Nation, in case you weren't sure, is our members-only program that gives access to benefits not seen anywhere else throughout the gun industry. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • 10% off ALL our products Always
  • $100 Toward 1 In-Person Class Each Year
  • Access to Monthly Shooter Skills & Drills (plus the past archive)
  • Access to Monthly Guardian Live Broadcasts (live Q&A webinars with industry experts)
  • You Will Receive the Quarterly “Guardian Box” full of awesome tactical guardian gear
  • Access to A Guardian Nation Exclusive Online Community
  • Ongoing 5% Discount on Purchases at
  • Ongoing 20% Discount On CCW Safe Membership
  • More …

This is starting to sound like a commercial which is never my intent. I'll just leave you with the opportunity to take advantage of a 14 day free trial membership to experience many of the benefits firsthand (minus things like the gearbox, for hopefully obvious reasons).

Take advantage of the free trial membership, here.

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