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Episode 47: Drawing Spare Mags From The Pocket



Topic: OUR APOLOGIES! We had some technical difficulties that interfered with us being able to get our usual Monday News episode recorded and out to you on time, so we chose to release a replay of an episode from a radio program on, an internet TV/Radio Station. The radio show is called “The Shootist.” But don't worry because Riley records a short training tip in this episode as well and stay tuned through the END of the episode for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT that you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by InstaDefense. Developed by Matt Numerich, InstaDefense is a self defense course created by studying the simplest and most effective maneuvers for putting an opponent out of commission. And the best part is, this course is made specifically for those with no prior combat experience. So if you’re looking to find an easy way to defend yourself now, this is the program for you. We are offering InstaDfense on our website right now. $29.00 gets you full access to the 10-part series, available for instant streaming upon purchase so you can get started at being your own self-defense weapon immediately!


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