Study-Tougher Gun Laws, Fewer Gun Deaths!

gun control laws are bad

News outlets like Healthday and WebMD reported results of a blockbuster study that unequivocally prove restrictive gun laws directly reduce suicides and homicides involving guns. However, wait. What did the study show exactly? Is this the slam dunk piece of research for which legislators have been waiting? The big question is: Do gun laws reduce…

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Episode 244: 9 Pro Shooting Tips From the Pros

Today Riley and Jacob do a special episode where we bring in 10 guests to their top tips and ideas for CCWers, guests like: Kyle Lamb, Mike Seeklander, Eve Flanigan, Jeff Gonzales, Chris Cheng, John Correia and ! These shooting tips are guaranteed to improve your shooting skills…if you’re willing to put in the time to master them!

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10 Pro Shooting Tips, From 10 Top Shooters

What if we could compile a list of shooting tips from 10 of the top shooters in the country? Would you give it a read? Would you it with all of your friends? Well, we know a lot of people from around the shooting sports/self-defense industry, and have done just that. Here are some…

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