Comfort Cling Holster From Clinger Holsters

Clinger Holsters is a reputable brand that makes holsters here in America.

Recently the company contacted me with an invitation to try out their new “Comfort Cling” holster. The Comfort Cling holster is a clipless holster similar to a Remora or Sticky holster. This is actually the first holster of this style that I've ever worn so I can't compare it to the similar products out there but what follows is my own thoughts on my experience with the Comfort Cling holster over the last week or so of daily use.

The Best Things About The Comfort Cling Holster

The Comfort Cling holster has a lot of advantages. It is easy to use in any position on the waistline and doesn't require any tools to adjust how high or deep it sits in your pants.

Does it Stay In Place?

This is naturally the number one question I had using this holster. On day one I wore the holster at about 4 o'clock on the waistline with my belt relatively tight. It didn't move at all. I was a little surprised. I kept checking but there was zero movement.

On day two I wore the holster in the same position but loosened the belt to the point that I didn't feel any tension or pressure on my waistline. It mostly stayed put. There was just a little bit of movement but that movement was negligible. If I had been running or doing jumping jacks I might have seen more action.

On day three I didn't wear a belt. The only tension on the holster was the pants themselves and they are two inches too big for me (of course). The holster mostly didn't move. A little more movement from the day before. Twice during the day I reached back and had to adjust the cant back to the angle I prefer but at no point did it feel like it might drop down into my pants or anything like that.

Ultimately this isn't a holster you should wear with gym shorts in my opinion but relative to average IWB holsters that require a good belt this should be more than adequate with that kind of rig.

Is It Comfortable?

The holster has three layers of material. The external material is a non-slip material but the middle layer is a GEL-like material. It does a great job of adding comfort. I enjoy wearing this holster. It takes up very little space and feels great relative to a lot of other holsters. The lack of clips also makes it VERY fast to put on and take off which is a huge bonus.

The holster covers the firearm well protecting it from sweat and preventing any uncomfortable rubbing of the gun against the body while still exposing the grip so as to allow the shooter to assume a strong grip on the firearm.

Is it Affordable

I admit to having received the holster in exchange for this honest review so I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the website and found that the Comfort Cling is sold for $19.99. I honestly don't know the last time I found any decent holster for less than $40 so I would say the price is a huge selling point for this one.

Potential Drawbacks

Now I'm getting a little picky here but in my week or so of using this holster here would be potential negatives to consider:

I like to carry a spare magazine. This holster doesn't have a built in mag pouch. Most holsters don't so that isn't particularly unique but its something to keep in mind.

I felt like the holster gets in the way of a strong draw a little. Bear in mind that this one holster fits a large number of guns that are slightly different in size and shape which means that while it adequately retains the firearm and protects the trigger guard it doesn't allow for a perfect grip in the draw stroke. With some training this could probably be mostly overcome but in my drills I found myself either pinching the holster near the beavertail and/or not being able to index my hand directly under the trigger guard. I was running drills with a Glock 43 and M&P Shield.

Like any holster that isn't kydex or leather this one does collapse on draw so reholstering takes a little more care and generally two hands. Not a big deal to me at all but something worth pointing out to those of you transitioning from a kydex holster.

Oh… and be careful the first time you go to the bathroom. I'm used to either clip holsters or waistband style holsters which either stay on the body or stay secured to the pants when you drop the drawers but this guy will do neither. Either remember to remove it before you unbuckle or expect it to come crashing to the ground. Again, something easily resolved with practice and training but it can catch you off guard for sure.

As of this writing Clinger only has the Comfort Cling holster available for a large number of single stack pistols. Not the end of the world and hopefully more models are coming soon to accommodate medium to full size guns.

Interested in this holster? Click here to visit their site.

Have you already tried out the Comfort Cling or similar holsters? Share your experience in the comments below.

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