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Cannae Pro Gear Shield Soft Shell Jacket Review [VIDEO]

Riley and I were on the look out for some light weight jackets that would work well for us on the range. To be honest I was first drawn to Cannae because of the pricing. A lot of “tactical” apparel on the market today can be very expensive. Cannae is a brand that is more economic without sacrificing quality.

This jacket is water and wind resistant and has a TON of pockets. An added bonus that I really enjoy having, are the patch fields on both arms.

I'm from Wyoming originally. I've circled the mountains some but almost my entire life I've lived places where hot is anything over 80 degrees and cold is anything below 50. This jacket for me is a year round solution for every day use. I wouldn't wear it at below 40 degrees for a prolonged period but it's my go to solution for all weather conditions when I'm about my normal daily activities.

In Wyoming, I'm accustomed to feel that if it isn't windy it isn't really cold and this jacket does a really good job blocking wind.

The Soft Shell Jacket is fairly covert. Depending on what you may put on the patch fields this isn't a jacket that screams tactical. Despite that, it has great tactical features. In addition to a TON of pockets it is very flexible for easy maneuvering and has side zipper openings for a side holster.

You can get it in 3 colors but for me it's black all the way.

Here is a quick video Riley and I put together:

Interested in this Jacket or other Cannae gear? Click here to visit their website.

Let us know in the comments below about your favorite tactical apparel!


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One Response to Cannae Pro Gear Shield Soft Shell Jacket Review [VIDEO]

  1. Matthew Maruster January 12, 2018 at 9:26 pm #

    Looks like a great jacket! Right now I just use the liner from a Blauer jacket because it has many of the same attributes of this Cannae jacket. However, it is a liner, so it’s definitely not as stylish. Cool review!

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