11 Gifts For Any Gun Owner – 2020

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for someone you care about? A new tie and socks? A pair of flannel PJ's and some perfume? Those may be heartfelt and great gifts, but what about something useful for the gun owner in your life?

Figuring out exactly what to buy can be a challenge. Whether you're looking at gifts for your loved one, or you're a gun owner who is dropping hints about something you have wanted for months, we have you covered. Below are 11 gifts that are sure to warm the heart of every gun owner.

Dryfire Gear

Even if there wasn't an ammo shortage, which there is, dryfire (practicing with an unloaded firearm) is an incredible way to become more proficient. There are many different items you can get to make dry fire practice more enjoyable and more beneficial. Here are some options:

1) Mantis X:

The Mantis X is a small device that attaches to your gun, pairs with your phone, and tracks muzzle movement before, during, and after the trigger squeeze to help diagnose and correct issues with fundamentals. But the device can analyze so much more. There are drills and skill development courses that work with dry fire as well as live fire.

While the Mantis X isn't cheap, its capabilities are impressive.

2) Next Level Training's SIRT Pistol:

Laser guns are not only cool but are super helpful for practicing things like drawing, grip, presentation, and trigger squeeze. Pair it up with a shot recording program like LASR X, and you can set up a virtual range in your home.

SIRT pistols come in many different models that either exactly or closely match your actual gun.

3) Barrel Blok:

Safety is essential, and dryfire practice at home is no exception. The Barrel Blok is an inexpensive, caliber-specific device inserted into your firearm to render it incapable of chambering or firing a round. Everyone who practices at home should have one.

A must-have dryfire tool.

Range Gear –

Messing around with sub-par gear at the range is annoying and detracts from learning or enjoying the time there. Everything listed is sure to be a hit at the next range session.

4) Electronic Ear Protection :

There really is no good reason not to have quality hearing protection. Sure, you can jam a nasty foam plug in your ear or wear earmuffs that muffle the sound of gunshots, as well as everything your friends or instructor is saying if you want to.

But for slightly more than the price of quality, standard ear muffs, why not get electronic ear muffs that block out any harmful sounds while allowing you to hear conversations, the beep of a timer, range commands, and talk at a normal volume?

Once you go to electronic hearing protection, you never go back.

Roger 22 Electronic Hearing Protection is an affordably priced, quality set of hearing protection to make the next range trip more enjoyable and safer.

5) Safety Glasses:

Having ballistically-rated glasses that protect your peepers is really important. Don't just throw on a pair of sunglasses and hope they protect you from a projectile fragment moving at hundreds of miles per second. I have found SSP Eyewear to have great options and styles at terrific prices.

The ability to change lenses to account for sunny or overcast conditions also makes a big difference. After all, it's hard to shoot what you can't see. If you or your loved one wears glasses, SSP offers options, so you are not trying to wear a pair of safety glasses on top of your prescription glasses.

Methow kit

The Methow Kit is the perfect kit for a shooter who hunts, shoots clays, or just shoots paper targets on the range.

6) Maglula Uplula Magazine Loading Tool:

Okay, maybe this one isn't a must-have item, but when you need it, you need it. Despite the weird name, the device is incredibly simple to use and very useful. It helps you fill magazines with ease. For example, it becomes almost impossible to fill magazines when your fingers are numb if you shoot in frigid weather. Or, if you shoot high volumes of rounds and don't want to spend range or class time filling mags, the MAGLULA Uplula is a terrific option.

Its name is strange, and it looks weird, but when you need it, you need it.

7) Range Bag:

A good range bag is an easily overlooked but critical piece of gear. Your tools are no good if you don't have them when you need them. A backpack like the Range Ruck from ReadyUpGear is a great option that allows you to carry everything you need at the range. The bag has multiple sections to protect your guns and gear. The pockets and compartments make it easy to find and access everything without digging through a duffle bag.

8) Medical Gear & Training:

Trauma gear may seem overkill to some of you, but hear me out on this. You need your own trauma kit, not just a first-aid kit with bandaids. Instead, you need a kit with the appropriate equipment to treat the type of injuries you could sustain from shooting guns.

First, your gun range may or may not even have a trauma kit. If it does, it may not even be accessible when you need it, then if it is, how do you know if it has the necessary gear or that the equipment is even serviceable?

Do you know how to use the gear? Maybe there is someone around who does, maybe not.

In other words, you may bleed out because you don't have the necessary gear or training to treat an injury.

Get the point? Having your own trauma gear must be something you take to the range, and I would recommend having a dedicated kit in your home and vehicle as well.

Mountain Man Medical has kits of all types to fit the purpose, all at a great price.

Hopefully, you will never need to use it on yourself or anyone else, but it literally could determine if someone lives or dies. While we're talking about using the kit, knowing how to use the gear is just as important as having it. Providing immediate care to a trauma patient doesn't require a medical degree, but it isn't something you will learn in your CPR class. So get some training on how to use the essential tools that could save a life.

Mountain Man Medical has many different kits depending on your specific need.

Gun Gear –

Here are some catch-all items that the gun owner will appreciate.

9) Gun Sights:

For a self-defense gun, a great gift would be a set of sights with a high-contrasting color front sight. A gift certificate to purchase sights like those from Hi-Viz or XS Sights would allow the recipient to buy the sights they really like.

Fiber optic or Tritium night-sights are a no-brainer upgrade.

10) Talon Grips:

Gripping the gun is super essential, and any way to get more of it is a plus. Applied grips like those from Talon Grips are a non-permanent, cost-effective way of making your gun grippier and easier to hold onto while shooting and drawing out of your holster.

The Pro Series texture from Talon Grips is a terrific, inexpensive addition to any firearm.

11) Gun Cleaning and Maintenance tools:

There are a lot of basic kits that allow you to clean and lubricate your gun(s). However, having a multi-tool, like this one sold by Real AVID, which can fix basic gun issues or take the gun down past simple field stripping, is a great thing to have.

This gun tool from Real Avid is a great gift idea.


There you have it. Pick any one of these items, wrap it up, and present it with confidence to the gun owner in your life.

Let us know about some of the items you find valuable as a gun owner. For full disclosure, many of the products mentioned in the article are items that our company sells. However, this isn't the reason I included them.

The items included are products I personally use and have no hesitation recommending to anyone.

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