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SHOP Talk: More Dryfire Tools

On this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley shows off a couple other products that he uses on a regular basis in his training routine. He pulls them right off the Concealed Carry warehouse floor and shows you how to use them.

The Barrel Blok is a great training tool, that, in my opinion, also doubles as a safety device. When you're dry firing in your home, the Barrel Blok sticking through the muzzle of your EDC gun allows anyone else to see that the weapon is safe:

Barrel Blok is caliber specific. These are all 9mm handguns.

Another nifty thing about the Barrel Blok that isn't pictured is that it comes with a few Mag Bloks that help your gun's magazine simulate that it's loaded, helping you not worry about the slide lock when running certain drills.

Another tool is one that's great for people who own the more popular Glock pistols out there, like the G19 and others.

The Glock E-Trainer allows you to press your trigger multiple times without having to pull the slide back each time. While this doesn't help if you want to have a trigger break and reset, there is value to training like this, as well.

Riley goes into detail in the associated video, here:

Either of  these tools are helpful, inexpensive dryfire tools designed to help you gain better proficiency with your firearms.

This week's tools can be found by pushing on each associated hyperlink, below, and as always, we have a coupon code that can be applied to take an additional 20% off that is good for this week only. You can learn more about each product, here:

Barrel blok

Glock E Trainer

The coupon code for this week is dryfiresafety which will give you 20% off the Barrel Blok and the Glock eTrainer. If you want to watch the rest of our SHOP Talk videos, you can do so at any point by pushing that link, as we have an archive of them all.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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