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Free is good. This is especially true if you're broke but still want to train for any type of self-defense scenario. So, I thought I'd put together a list of the free training and gun resources that I know of for you to take advantage of. And remember, just because they're free doesn't mean that they're not good. All of these are good to go.

Some of these free gun training resources are meant for the newbie, while others are more for advanced shooters and those who've been around for a while. But hey, they're free so there is no harm in downloading them all even if you've been around for a while. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something.

Because I'm bias, let's start with's freebies —

Gun Purchasing Guide:

Let's start with the beginning. We understand that not all of our readers are knowledgeable or have tremendous experience when it comes to buying a firearm, even if you've done it before. If that's you, this gun purchasing guide will be a great resource to help you get started on the right path. And hey, it's absolutely free and has been put together by our very own Jacob Paulsen.

Guide to Gun Free Zones:

Here's another resource designed more for the newbie than anyone else. Still, this is a good refresher to make sure you're not in violation of any laws even if you're a seasoned concealed carrier. It's free so there's really nothing you can lose.

Handgun Grip Development:

This one is for both advanced shooters and new ones alike. One thing we see often, no matter how many years of experience a shooter has, is that a person's grip almost always needs help. This free course is put on by Mike Hughes, the creator of the SIRT Pistol from Next Level Training. This course is excellent and will help even the most advanced shooter, as it serves as a reminder of how to grip your gun.


Most of the stuff you'll find on YouTube is either mediocre, at best, or garbage. Unless you can verify who you're learning from is actually good to go, you can learn some dangerous stuff. I've gone ahead and cherry picked some people for you who we've vetted and know are good to go. Here are a few channels I'd check out and watch on a fairly regular basis just as a refresher of sorts —

Chris Cerino

Chris is a nationally recognized trainer and competitve shooter who also made two appearances on History Channel's Top Shot. He's not all that active on YouTube anymore, but he still teaches classes and his videos are valuable.

John Lovell

We've had John from the Warrior Poet Society on our podcast and our Guardian Nation Live Broadcast. Let me just say he's changed my mind on at least one core issue when it comes to firearms. I won't say what this time around, but he is good to go.

Active Self-Protection

The great thing about Active Self-Protection is that John actually walks you through real-life scenarios that were caught on tape. You hear what he's saying, and have a chance to figure out for yourself how you'd respond, as well.

Concealed Carry Podcast:

While not necessarily training in itself, the hosts do offer up training tips on a regular basis that you can then work into your regimen. Here is one of my favorite episodes with tons of training tips:

Do you have any resources that you'd add? What kind of advanced training have you taken? Let us know in the comments below. And, make sure you check out the resources above to get some solid learning and/or skill refresher.

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Josh is a lifelong practitioner and student of the gun. He grew up shooting/hunting with his dad, and was given his first gun, a 12 gauge shotgun, when just a small boy. After high school, he joined the Marines where his love for firearms blossomed as he qualified with an M16A2, an M9, and a 240G. Josh has been writing about firearms and tactics for several years, owns the blog Gunners Den, is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, and believes that each individual person has the right to self-defense by any means necessary. Currently residing in gun-friendly NC, he carries a concealed gun on a daily basis, even in his own house.

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